Pulsar: Wanderers.

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Pulsar: Wanderers.

Post by ProfessorPi » Sun Dec 28, 2014 4:28 am

((Disclaimer- There will be typos as I'm not the best with typing, or language at that. Also, the things I may say could be offensive to some audiences of different faiths, morals, or views. This is a science fiction, and not meant to be based on real world applications, physics, or science, Thank you.))

Forward: This is a small story about Pulsar in the way I hope to one day play it. The following is not based on the current game, but more based on what may be. A lot of this writing has been inspired by people like Carl Sagan, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Stephen Hawking. The biggest inspiration being SETI and all the researchers who are actively looking for intelligent life in the universe. That all being said I hope you enjoy this little story and the crew. I will rate this as a PG-13 story. Crew is as follows.

Captain, Jebadiah Hawking
Pilot, Issac Freudman
Scientist, Neil Tystrong
Engineer, Samuel Pi
Weapons, Richie Marx

Through The Glass of Life: Journal of Engineer Pi-

We passed through this sector before. In it laid an interesting rock formation enveloped in a spectacularly colourized dual nebulae. A large asteroid that had the remains of an ancient station build up into it. We orbited around it as Marx and I suited up for routine EVA. Helmets on and O2 running smoothly, we depressurized the airlock and popped the seal of the exterior entry hatch. The view was something out of a dream as we hooked each other up to the safety line and made our way out onto the hull, our magnetic boots keeping us grounded.

Out into the black we walked out onto the south wing. She had taken some damage after we had to evade an enemy ship that we played a game of cat an mouse with among the debris of Aterus Station after it was taken out by a group of terrorists. Despite what had happened two days ago, we are alive. That's more than most can say I guess. My repair gun in hand I detach from Marx and tell him to go check the rear thrusters on the cable. I know it's dangerous for me to be disconnected, but the line won't go to the very edge of the wing, and I would like for Marx to be on the line. Better if only one of us get's knocked off instead of both.

As we orbited the asteroid I began to work. The very tip of the wing had a bad dent in it and had a few penetration points in it. I checked my repair gun to ensure it had enough Emergency Hull Foam(EHF) to fill in the holes before we bring out a shaped metal plate from the cargo bay. I knelt down and put the nozzle of the repair gun into the first hole and pulled the trigger. The fast expanding foam took the shape of the hole and plopped out a bit, an easy fix. I let the foam harden itself before taking out my laser cutter and lopping off the extra in order to make the section flushed. One hole filled, five more to go before we can start the strip off and slap on temp hull sectioning.

About thirty minutes in and finishing up on the last hole I noticed an odd reflection float across my visor. At first I assumed it was just a spatial light flash from the sun, nothing to worry about. Until it happened again and I felt something push against my suit, almost making me go off balance, which is when I hear my captain say over the radio "Pi, you guys are not alone out there, we have life-forms surrounding the ship. Advising you come inside now.". With regaining my balance I was about to reply until I came face to face with one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

I don't know how to describe what this creature was. It was an odd transparent being giving off a white bio-luminescent glow, resembling a sting way with a more sleek body and a long straight tail, and bipedal appendages with winged flesh between the arms connecting to the outside of the legs. It's yellow "eyes" looked into mine just before it flew away from me. I was confused. How are these things moving around in space? How can they exist? I look around and see hundreds of them circling around our ship, above us through the sun they seemed to give off an array of colours that engulfed around us. It was then I realized that the station on the asteroid must have still had a gravity generator and atmospheric processor active. Which means these beings must have adapted to the low oxygen artificial environment created. It was then the pilot came over the radio informing us that the ship was offline and that we are actually in an orbit of the asteroid...

The ship was being pulled along the artificial gravity well. It must have taken thousands of years for the processor in this old base to create such force for such a small area. These creatures, these "Angels" for lack of better terms, were they here before hand? Did they reside inside of the asteroid in a controlled geothermal environment deep inside? How did these things form? What do they eat? This is so much to take in. In my awe of such a magnificent sight I failed to hear my pilot yelling at me about a piece of debris flying right at me, just as I caught the message it was too late. The next few moments became a semi conscious bliss as a large piece of metal bashed into the back of my helmet causing my head to snap back and jarring me from the ship sending me into a high velocity spin.

Unable to think clearly, I forgot about my EVA controls. I could not move at all in fact, something was wrong. The front of my helmet was cracked and bloody so badly I could not make out what was going on around me as I spun out of control. By now the Pilot or Commander would have remotely taken control of my EVA RCS. It was probably broken, and so would the comms as well since I'm hearing nothing on the radio. Finally I snap out of it as I feel my entire body being grabbed. Fear began to overflow my mind as I was sure I was about to become a cosmic snack for these being all around me. Instead, something more amazing had happened.

I came to a slow stop at the aid of these creatures. As I began to regain my mind, I realize that my suit has no oxygen thanks to a hole in the back of my helmet where a part of the debris smashed through, luckily missing my skull since it appears to have angled out just enough to exit out the left comms plate. But how in the hell was I breathing? Out of curiosity, I unlocked my helmet and and closed my eyes, removing it slowly and allowing it to drift away from me. As I opened my eyes I looked up to see a couple of smaller beings playing with the helmet like a couple of children with a ball. The being who held me looked at me, I was still scared they would eat me but at this point I would have been dead already.

It appears there is survivable levels of oxygen in this artificial atmosphere. These, beings seem to "fly" with the orbit. They seem to live in the pours of the asteroid surface. Still wondering what they feed on however, maybe they photosynthesize? All I know is that things just got a little too familiar for me as one of them put it's face right in front of mine. I was in shock. The face resembled that of a human. For lack of knowledge I'll just say "She". This odd human-ish face stared at me with yellow eyes before it placed it's hands on the side of my face. At first I was scared, but now I am completely fuckin afraid for my life as I silently stare into it's eyes. It was in this moment that I began to feel the tails of the others grip onto me tightly as I felt sharp pains fill my face, I wanted to scream but my ship was nowhere in sight.

I could feel tendrils working their way under the flesh of my face as this thing smiled down at me. She straddled my body as others kept me bound. The tendrils worked their way to the sides of my skull from her fingertips, the pain was unlike anything I've ever felt, and my mind would not let me block it out. It was then that somehow the pain had stopped and this animal removed it's hands from my face. All the pain in my body was gone somehow. Did this thing just, heal me? From here the others released me as she pushed off gently from my body. She floated in front of me as I to her. Whatever she did I was able to feel and move my legs again, and was able to work my arms. It was then I realized that these are intelligent, empathetic beings...

Before I could even get get the idea my emergency pager was ringing off the hook, the ship must have just gotten into comms range of me. I grabbed my pager and activated the emergency signal transponder on it in hopes the ship will locate and recover me. The next few minutes felt so strange. I had these beings flying circles around me as I waited to be recovered. Their glows of different colours and shades was presenting beautiful patterns under the sunlight. I looked to one of the smaller "Child" like ones as it came flying over to me with my helmet. It handed it out to me and gave a silly smile. How odd it is that these beings are so much like us. There is so much to learn here. As my ship pulls up next to me I see Marx standing in the airlock holding his hand out, I grab my helmet with one hand and reach out to him with the other, with that he pulled me inside and hugged me with joy at the fact I was still alive. I then turned and looked out to the beings, a group of them looking at us and waving while the airlock door closed up.

Final notes- Today was a hell of a day. I just made first person contact with creatures of unknown origins. My report to the commander will be hard to explain with what I saw, and...felt. For now I'm reporting to the medical bay for extended decontamination and a full health inspection to ensure I'm not carrying anything deadly to the crew. As for my suit, well my EVA is fully screwed....
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Re: Pulsar: Wanderers.

Post by GwaziMagnum » Mon Apr 13, 2015 7:30 pm

Wow, this is pretty good. :)

And having read this I have to ask, do you forum roleplay?

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Re: Pulsar: Wanderers.

Post by yacabo » Mon Apr 13, 2015 7:45 pm

Really good story and Neil is going to go crazy over these guys
I love space

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Re: Pulsar: Wanderers.

Post by ProfessorPi2 » Thu Jan 21, 2016 9:49 pm

GwaziMagnum wrote:Wow, this is pretty good. :)

And having read this I have to ask, do you forum roleplay?
Sorry for the super late response. Yes I do when I'm comfortable with the people in the session.

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