Missing key in Inspect Terraforming mission

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    Bug Report
    OS: Mac OS Sierra / Steam
    Game Version: 14.8
    Severity: Can't complete Mission
    Description of Bug:
    I think found some kind of bug related to that mission where you have to inspect the terraforming colony Lotharus 9.

    I spoke to all the people about the strange happenings (dreams, lights, etc) and that one dude gave me a key (why he sent the key up to my ship instead of just handing it to me is beyond me!). I head back up to my ship to retrieve the key and I saved my game cause I had to quit. When I load that save game, the key is missing. Not in my inventory. Not in my locker (nor anyone else's). I go back to the planet to talk to the guy again, but no joy. The key seems to be gone and I cannot open the mystery door without it :(
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  • Sorry for the issue

    Thanks for lettings us know, we'll do some testing and investigate the issue

    It could be useful if you still have that save file to send it to us! You can send it to team@leafygames.com
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  • Thanks! I just sent you the save file. If I recall, I saved it after heading back to my ship and retrieving the key.
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