Snuggles' Big Bucket o' Bugs

Please come here to inform us of new and interesting bugs so we can hunt them down and destroy them! Pics and videos demonstrating these bugs are also welcome!
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Snuggles' Big Bucket o' Bugs

Post by CptSnuggles » Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:52 am

Bug Report
OS: Win 10 64-Bit
Game Version: Beta 16.3
Date and Time Encountered (DD/MM/YY, HH:MM (12h format)): Various
Possible Conflicting Software (such as firewalls and anti-virus): Avast
Severity: Various
Description of Bug: Various - see below
Steps to Reproduce: Various
Possible Workaround: Various
Screenshots and/or Video: --
Notes: --
Hardware Configuration:

CPU: i7-3770
GPU: GeForce GTX 950
RAM: 16 GB
Motherboard: MSI MS-7673
HDD: --
SSD: Samsung SSD 850 EVO

First off, I love this game! Keep up the good work!

Between playing the game normally and doing some testing for an upcoming guide, I’ve uncovered a number of bugs over the past few weeks. I’m listing them from most severe to least severe (in my opinion).

NPC ships don’t get armor bonuses or penalties, even though they still show up in the ships’ stats screens.
-EDIT: Player-operated W.D. Destroyers also don't get their armor bonus.
-Ship bonuses not applied: W.D. Destroyer, drones with “Armored” mod
-Penalties not applied: Bio-Hazard turret
-Layered Hull works as intended
-In general, the armor value on the “Components” screen is what’s applied, not the one on the “Stats” screen.
Steps to reproduce: Find a Destroyer or an Armored drone, disable its shields, shoot it with Energy (Beam) or Physical damage, record the damage value. Each point of armor blocks 0.33 beam damage or 0.6 physical damage, allowing you to determine the ship’s actual armor stat. Compare actual armor with the Components screen value and the Stats screen value.

“Ghost fires” at pilot’s station during certain warps. Fires are invisible and cannot be put out by extinguishers or lack of oxygen. Disconnecting and reloading generally does not fix them - they start again when warp is re-initiated. Host has to exit and relaunch the game.
-Has happened to multiple players in multiple games. See ... 701726497/.
-I’ve encountered it in the Cruiser and the Intrepid. Both times, I disconnected, reloaded, and initiated warp again, and the fire immediately restarted. Exiting and relaunching the game fixed the issue.
Steps to reproduce: I’m not sure, but you could try warping from 1222 to 1980. That’s where it happened to me in the Intrepid.

Phase Drones attack each other in addition to the player ship.
-Maybe this is intended, but it does make Phase Drone encounters incredibly easy.
Steps to reproduce: Find some Phase Drones, watch them shoot one another.

Flamelance turret sets the player ship on fire if it’s flown into the flames, even if the shields are up.
-I’ve only tested this in the Intrepid. Tilting the nose up while firing a Flamelance consistently sets the pilot’s station on fire. I set Engineering on fire once as well by swinging the rear of the ship through the flames.
Steps to reproduce: Use the Intrepid, fire a Flamelance turret, maneuver into the flames as described above.

The bottom item in your inventory is not visible from the Inventory screen once you’ve acquired a certain number of items.
-Has happened to multiple players in multiple games.
-At least one item, sometimes more, is always inaccessible.
Steps to reproduce: Buy or collect items until your inventory screen is full, then add a few more.

Piloting key bindings are not saved between game sessions.
-Specifically, I like to have “Reverse Thrust” bound to a mouse button instead of Ctrl, but it always reverts back to Ctrl when I exit and relaunch the game.
-One of my friends has had a similar issue.
Steps to reproduce: Change your piloting controls, exit the game, relaunch, check your control settings.

Flamelance and Bio-Hazard turrets don’t require power. Their normal cooldown is disabled without power, but the emergency cooldown at maximum heat still works fine. Since the emergency cooldown is just as fast as the normal one, these turrets have the same damage output whether they have 100% power or 0% power.
-Since both turrets have more serious problems (see above) this isn’t a big deal at the moment. However, if you plan to fix them you’ll probably have to tackle this issue eventually.
Steps to reproduce: Buy a Flamelance or Bio-Hazard turret, power it off, fire it until you reach max heat. Wait for cooldown. Repeat.

Returning from Alt+Tab “stacks” red alert klaxons, grenade blasts, and possibly some other sounds. In other words, while you’re tabbed out, a certain number of repetitive sounds should occur. Every one of those sounds plays at the same time when you tab back in.
-The klaxons in particular can be deafeningly loud. They caused me physical pain recently when I was Alt+Tabbed for ten minutes or so.
Steps to reproduce: Set your ship to red alert, Alt+Tab out for several minutes, then tab back in. Don’t wear headphones!

Project Megaton looks like a cube of compressed scrap once it’s in your ship’s cargo.
-Has happened to multiple players in multiple games.
Steps to reproduce: Pick up Project Megaton from the planet, where it looks like an ominous glowing module. Then find it in your cargo hold, where it looks like garbage.

Project Megaton planet - past the tunnel after the forward teleporter, the first stack of pipes on the left has no collision. You can walk straight through them.
-Has happened to multiple players in multiple games.
Steps to reproduce: Find the pipes. Walk through them.

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