Scanner display bug

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Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:18 pm

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    Bug Report
    OS: Several
    Game Version: Every version I played so far since about 2 years or so?
    Possible Conflicting Software (such as firewalls and anti-virus): None
    Severity: Bewildering
    Description of Bug: Scanner shows non-existing NPCs that sometimes turned out to be "CU Commander" embedded in floor or wall that could be talked to but would not response. That hasn't happen for quite a while though. Scanner showing yellow dots when loot was already picked off. This affects cargo loot places, not inventory loot. This happened quite recently and also in all previous versions that I played. And to many people I encountered and played with.
    Steps to Reproduce: It seems to happen randomly.
    Possible Workaround: -
    Screenshots and/or Video: Got none. When I tried to recreate the bug for pictures etc., it would not happen again. Will try to add asap.
    Notes: Many people I encountered complained about having that bug. Especially new players are often irritated by it. They look for a long time before finally giving up. Example: Warger's II planet was the place it happened recently (17.2) to me. There is no interior place. The yellow dots lined up perfectly with the position of the empty cargo loot pads. As they always do with that bug. It also happened on the medical supply bandit mission line planet, where in the arena-like ruin there are two loot pads in one of the staircases. They showed yellow dots while being emptied already for the scientist of the crew. That also was in 17.2 and is the most recent encounter of a crew member with this bug. Also there is no interior in this level that could explain the bug. I am really amazed that this bug is not posted already. It is one of the most common bugs I know of, affecting many players in an unpredictable frequency.
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Thu Feb 15, 2018 12:28 pm

  • Thanks for the report, sorry for the issue

    I'll do some testing and try to fix it soon
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