Ship status panels not displaying fires in engineering

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Ship status panels not displaying fires in engineering

Post by justinjah91 » Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:21 pm

Sorry to keep spamming you guys with bug reports, but I know you're trying to finish the game up. Hope these are helping.

Bug Report
OS: Windows 10
Game Version: Beta 19.2
Date and Time Encountered (DD/MM/YY, HH:MM (12h format)): 08/08/18, 8:08 PM CDT
Possible Conflicting Software (such as firewalls and anti-virus): None
Severity: Minor
Description of Bug: All of the ships excluding the fluffy biscuit have an issue where fires in the engine room do not get displayed on the status panels. All of the other systems (weapons, life support, and science) all work properly. I've also noticed that systems are normally damaged further by fires, but the engineering system seems to be immune to that as well.

Steps to Reproduce: Go on any ship other than the fluffy biscuit ship and damage engineering until it catches fire. Check the status panel and it should only show the damage, not the fire.
Screenshots and/or Video:
Notes: I tested each ship 2-3 times for this. The only one that eventually showed a fire was the stargazer. Hope that helps.
Hardware Configuration:

CPU: Intel i5
GPU: NVidia GTX 750
Motherboard: Asus
HDD: Seagate 500 GB HDD
SSD: Seagate 500 GB SSD

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Re: Ship status panels not displaying fires in engineering

Post by cptslog » Tue Aug 21, 2018 4:54 pm

Thanks for the report

The details you have provided are very helpful! We'll do some testing and should be able to get this fixed soon

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