more and slightly random bugs

Please come here to inform us of new and interesting bugs so we can hunt them down and destroy them! Pics and videos demonstrating these bugs are also welcome!
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more and slightly random bugs

Post by skynigh » Wed Sep 26, 2018 2:25 am

OS:Windows 10
Game Version:19.6
Date and Time Encountered 9-26-18
Possible Conflicting Software (such as firewalls and anti-virus): None
Severity: low
Description of Bug:
Steps to Reproduce:
Possible Workaround:
Screenshots and/or Video:
Hardware Configuration:

GPU:Nvidia Geforce GTX 750
Motherboard: GA-78LMT
HDD:(2) 1 TB hard drives

1) sometimes when warping you can not skip warp unknown cause or reason for it but it happens randomly it also seems rather rare

2) randomly occurring clicking right will not display some crew members talents but only clicking left will display them (this is also mild in occurrence)

3) while upgrading a component another person can press the forwards or back button on component screen and it will upgrade that component ( if you have the scram this means you can get items beyond level 10 )
this works for ship components
(same bug as when people use to be able to extract multiple items out of a ship at once by spamming the button same concept different result )

4) this can happen to items if multiple people press the button at the same time it doubles the level instead of one it goes up 2 instead

5) when you drop a weapon or putting it in the item upgrader it has full ammo again

6) when multiple people press blind jump its possible to blow up the ship (basically the damage stacks for every person hitting the button at the same time )

7) a lot of missions give the status of mission failed before the object complete comes up
such as the cyro transit mission

8) no jetpack sounds on AOG hideout or repair depots

9) Smuggle shipment into outpost 448 does not seem to have any physical object its invisible for being in your cargo inventory or on your person

10) on the grim cutlass you can get inside the reactor right where the eject core button is (running into it get you stuck between two textures and slides you into the nook if you keep running you move inside the reactor )

11) piloting setting custom keys never save and always go back to default when using keyboard

12) Sylvassi can stay cloaked while burst pistol hand cannon repair gun also does not uncloak

13) WD hud the main cannon on the top of the ship has no collision

14) if you use the jetpack and sit in the captains chair then stop using the jetpack and get out of the chair you take damage

16) on one of the variant cave planets you can use a crystal to talk to long range mission

17) robots from all over the area move to one place and go inside them selfs forming a huge firing wall (i think this is a old reported bug, but it still happens )

18) planet where most of the crystals you can go though them

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