Stargazer remote piloting

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Stargazer remote piloting

Post by EngBot » Tue Aug 20, 2019 11:23 pm

When you go to pilot the stargazer, if you either position yourself near a cargo slot or move as you enter the station to be near one, you can be teleported to the teleporter if something enters the front cargo slots.

This makes sense as you also get teleported when not on a station, assuming its to prevent people getting ejected or stuck. However, as a pilot you can enter first person mode and click the teleport button to go to a station or planet and still be able to pilot the ship.

This causes the following:
Please ignore the lack of hands, that is a separate bug That has already been reported.

As far I can tell this bug only really affects the stargazer due to its cargo placement, though insane amounts of effort and/or lag might allow it on others.
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