Assorted Bugs

Please come here to inform us of new and interesting bugs so we can hunt them down and destroy them! Pics and videos demonstrating these bugs are also welcome!
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Assorted Bugs

Post by Rama » Tue Feb 25, 2020 7:52 pm

Hello Leafies,
Thank you for the new update, I love the visuals. I also think I noticed new sounds? The lava wall seems to make music now, if one gets close? So maybe some of the sound problems were fixed already. Couldn't check all.
All the bugs here have been reported before, but they are persisting and annoy the hell out of me and are mostly rather big ones, so I decided to repost.

1. On helm view you sometimes encounter yourself floating in space. Instead of being a spiritual experience it breaks immersion :/

2. The planet with the "extensive ruins" arena/big sensor dish still hat items and research material stuck in the floor, being unreachable.

3. Other ruin planet (tower ruin entrance leading to tunnel, with exit away from teleporter, daytime) has ants floating in the air, unable to move and attack. Experienced that one several times, only on that planet.

4. The sylvassi shrimp is missing on the swordship. According to the scientist on 448 the shrimp produces the cloaking while the coral amplifies. It is needed! And missed. :ugeek:

5. Killing warp gate personell and forcing warps still doesn't seem to give chaos.

6. Sound (feet, breathing, shooting etc.) completely missing on general stores, repair depots, AOG hideout, warp gate stations, the secret shop inside an asteroid with the quarrelling shop keepers.

7. Sylvassi cyphers sometimes have invisible boxes in which crew gets trapped. The one on the mushroom planet had that several times in the 2. room on the right. Only way to free them is reconnect or warping away.

8. Sylvassi cypher doors have normal door sounds, only the one on the bulbtooth harvesting planet has the neat moving-stone sound.

9. Sometimes missions end (due to being abandonned ot running out) and if a course was plotted to the mission point, the course plotting is completely broken until the game is rehosted.

10. The program "Syber Threat" was broken from day one and still is not fixed. It does not add visible damage bonus in the ship components view. Same for Sylvassi cyber defense processor. It has 0 cyber defense output on the screen. They are broken. Confirmed this is still true before posting here.

11. In the WD Hub the Starmap has a railing. And on one corner there is the post missing that supports the railing in all other corners. I know I said I would write about massive bugs, but this is driving me crazy since years :D

12. Cyber targeting seems to be less wonky, but still it happens often that enemy ships are not recognized as targets (despite manual targeting) unless they deal damage to the player ship first.

13. Cyber attacks against player ships (unless it is corruption) very often just instantly went to "done" once they got through. Without prior infections. Can't confirm yet that this still happens after the new update, but it happend a lot before that. With cyber defense turned off and no CD processor installed. And without AV having run.

14. The "persisting sound" bug that happened with enemy ships when they died is also a thing for player weapons. E.g. the healing beam rifle can produce a persistent noise for other players that only stops if it is selected again.

15. People kill warp gate workers, align the warp gate, refund, align, refund, etc to cheat money. Combined with no chaos gain for warp steals this feels too much like an exploit.

16. I guess this is not a bug but a necessary evil since it never got fixed. But it confuses newbies a lot: The physical representations of the long range comms on planets make newbies wander out in the desert, in search for phantom mission givers (! or ? on the handheld scanner). Where they get torn apart by sand sharks. If this can't be fixed, please tell me why this has to be like it is. It irks me so much. I want to at least be able to tell newbies "it has to be like this because..." when they tell me frustratedly about their desert misadventures.

That's it for now! Thanks a lot for all your work!

Edit: Deleted double mention, want to make the proposition to fix the "broken course plotting" by adding a "delete all plotted points" button.

Edit2: Sound also broken on W.D. racing station.

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Re: Assorted Bugs

Post by Edinstein » Mon Mar 02, 2020 4:31 pm

Hey Rama!

Thanks for re-reporting these issues, sometimes we have trouble replicating certain issues and make small changes based on our best guess, so it's good to know when certain issues are still not working.

The lava wall was a perplexing statement, but it turned out to be a new sound effect issue with the XP pickups in the game. Should be fixed in the next update.

I believe we already fixed the credit exploit for Long Range Warp Stations in a previous update, are you still experiencing that in the recent builds?

At the time of writing this, some of the other issues you reported have already been fixed, and a few more will likely be fixed by the next update. Thanks again!

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Re: Assorted Bugs

Post by Rama » Fri Mar 06, 2020 3:44 pm

Hey Leafies,

Thanks! I know the gates still give no chaos, but I haven't seen people doing the warp gate cheat in a while. So don't know if it still works. Might try.
The weird sound also happens at the storage room across the cargo loot room on lvl 4 of the abandoned waystation. In both cases no XP were visible.

The temperature on the abandoned destroyer is still bugged for non-hosts and shown as room temperature. Re-reporting this ancient bug again gives me a feeling of nostalgia :D

Next to unflagging robot Zeng at Cornelia Station is still a floating poster that becomes visible when you stand behind Zeng and look in the same direction as he does.

Since Beta 27 (I think) my game crashes when I close it. Am not the only one with this issue, heard it from a few others as well. Reinstalling didn't fix this problem. It says "pulsar.exe stopped working".

Since Beta 28 my game crashes when I try to join some games. I get sent to desktop, the voice chat works for a few seconds and then "Pulsar.exe stopped working". This also affects other people. Reinstalling game didn't fix it (neither did verifying game files) and it only applies to some lobbies. I can host without problems and not all lobbies crash my game when i join them. Two on EU did today every time i tried to join and at the same time two other didn't. It is not related to steam protection of games, one crashing game was steam protected the other wasn't. So far only happened on EU for me. Today several people crashed when trying to join the game of one host. A new save with a different ship seemed to fix it and we could play. If I have more info (maybe ship types?) I can write a proper report of this issue.


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Re: Assorted Bugs

Post by cptslog » Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:10 pm

Thanks Rama for the info and reports. We're looking into the issues and will try to get them fixed shortly

We are trying to gather more information on the joining game crashing issue so if you could send us an output log file or crash dump file after it occurs (host and client files if possible) we'll definitely take a close look at them to fix the issue as soon as possible.

I've had some difficulty replicating the issue so any patterns you notice for saves / ship types or anything would be appreciated!

Sorry for the issues,
Hope we can get them solved soon

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Re: Assorted Bugs

Post by Rama » Thu Mar 26, 2020 5:46 pm

Heyho Leafies,
I am trying to ask around and see if there are any patterns as to whom it affects. Also asked people to please send log files to you. If I notice any patterns I will let you know.
Until then I have another fun random bug:
On the WD Destroyer you can see the ammo clip in the ammo crate as a pink glow through the ship. So if you stand on the bridge, there is a glowing pink pixel outside the window. It is the ammo clip since it disappears when you pick up the clip.

Thanks! o7

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