game crashing [for several people]

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game crashing [for several people]

Post by Rama » Sun Mar 08, 2020 9:13 am

Hello Leafies,
as I promised I tested the crash issues that I and other people experience since the last big Update. I know of four other affected people but I suspect it could be more. Some ship type lobbies stay curiously empty, hinting at other people failing to join them as well.

Whenever we try to join a game lobby that is a Swordship or Interceptor, our games crash. The screen goes black and then kicks us to desktop, after a while showing "pulsar.exe stopped working". It happens on both EU and US servers. If the same host hosts a different ship type there is no problem joining their game. Also we ourselves can host games with all ship types, it only becomes a problem if we join other people's Interceptor or Swordship games.

It is definitely not connected to steam protection of games. I crash or don't crash regardless of that.

I found out about it being an issue for others too when someone hosted a game on the Interceptor and 3/5 of the people who wanted to join couldn't, until host switched ship type. Not all people are affected, just some.
I crash joining interceptor games of people who are affected and of people who are not affected by the crash issue. People who are not affected can join my interceptor games just as all other interceptor games.
When I join an interceptor game where the ship type still is displayed as n/a I can reach the "syncing game state" screen for a second (I don't reach that when the ship type is already loaded in the lobby list), but then the game crashes as usual.
Will add more info if I can shanghai some more people for testing.

Verifying game files and reinstalling the game did not solve the issue btw.

I sent you logs from one of the crashes via mail.


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Re: game crashing [for several people]

Post by cptslog » Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:12 pm

Thanks for the details and logs

I'll test those ship types and I'm hopeful we can track this down soon

Sorry for the issues,
Thanks again for the help!

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