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Some more bugs

Posted: Sun May 10, 2020 3:43 pm
by Rama
Hello Leafys,
Thanks for all the new stuff and the fixes. I noticed the item spawn was fixed on the extensive ruin planet. Could not check all points since I had no scanner when visiting, but the bristlepod finally is over ground.
Here is the "new" bugs:

1. When I enter the room of the crystal boss, very often it is not there. I see the health bar and get shot by it, but i cannot shoot it. Other people see it and can shoot it. When it is killed the riddle "where the heck is it?" is solved: It floats in a huge distance in the black outside the map border. I can see the organism lab tiny in the background. Reconnecting or restarting didn't fix it. Saw this happen to other people from time to time.

2. Flagship has a mean bug too: Very often when someone joins a game after the eye was destroyed, they will not be able to follow the crew.The teleport is blocked, the eye is still there and not killable. Again restarting or reconnecting never helped. I saw that happen to other people often.

3. Apparently the Auction fragment is bugged and gone if not bought by hosting captain?

4. On Meuva 7 the terraforming station (where the XP should be located, judging from the sound) a texture is missing. Not the pink type, but the see-through type.

5. In CU command center is still a pink missing texture book.

6. Bug with missing sounds on trading stations has not been fixed, they are silent for everybody i asked.

7. [fixed]

8. Shop bug is occuring very often these days. Means that the shop inventory of one or more players (worst case: captain) gets frozen and only displays this one selection, no matter the shop.

9. The returning of the warp coils from Barwick seems to be bugged if a crew abandonned the explorer's appeal? We could not hand in the coils (no matter who of us tried) and Eldon Gatra would only have a blank window that closed itself quickly.

10. Thank you for giving us not one, not two, not three but FOUR shrimps! I will now make them take off the "have you seen me?" shrimp picture from the milk boxes. Now that the shrimp is there I need to pester you about making the coral glow like the one in the other cloaks. It would look so nifty and i thought it was required so it could amplify the shrimp power? Or is it not needed due to the multitude of shrimps? It WOULD looks so cool though.

11. Something happening very often recently (not only in games I am in, but I heard it from many other people as well) is random warp damage. From normal warps. When leaving warp big amounts of damage happen seemingly out of nowhere. Is potentially game-breaking since it seems to occur frequently in some games and can even kill the ship. And there is no way to prevent it.

12. There are Scanner +1 in shops. Maybe that is no bug though and the same as with scrap, in order to just make them more expensive? Same for the extractors? But it does feel wrong that items where level changes no stats are sold so much more expensive. So I thought I'd mention it here.

13. Still no Chaos from stealing warp gate warps :(

Will edit when i find more. o7

14. The asteroids in the sector of the Titan are textureless white lumps

15. Edit: I didn't encounter the cypher error

16. There is a texture invisible on Meuva 7 on one of the side towers where the XP hum is.

17. The borthix shipment planet has a storage room and there a barrel is partly inside a crate.

Thanks for fixing cypher door sound! All i encountered so far make the correct sound. Also invisible cage seems to be gone. Thanks fro removing floating poster.

18. Outside AND inside research on Cornelia station seems to be bugged. Outside glimmer on the right side floats in thin air. Both cannot be picked up. Greywrack in station + splitshot were there but could not be picked up. Apparently the poster was what held it all together! O_O Edit: It works now. Either it was fixed or it was a bug that does not always happen.


19: The video sequence after blowing up the asteroid is bugged for some players. We see a glowing orange orb and only 2-3 small rocks flying away from it.

20. The destroyer in spider planet crust has ghost cargo. If cargo is picked up, a different cargo is shown underneath that is not pick-up-able

21. So far I haven't seen one ship actually warping out during normal game. Maybe the crews were too efficient?

edit: sylvassi cyber defense works, yay! thanks

Re: Some more bugs

Posted: Thu May 14, 2020 10:23 am
by cptslog
Thanks for the reports Rama!

I will be spending some time with these and hopefully getting many of them sorted out soon