Submission Guidelines!

Post and discuss community hub design submissions here!
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Submission Guidelines!

Post by Edinstein » Wed Jan 07, 2015 2:14 pm

Hello everyone! We have some exciting news! We are now going to start the process of working with you all in order to build a custom unique HUB location in PULSAR!

First off let discuss the role and rules of a HUB in the game!

A HUB is a location where players and crew can go to find / complete missions, Browse various stores and goods, re-spec their allotted talent points, Talk with NPC’s to potentially hear about rumors / secrets, save the current journey, kick back and relax at a bar or tavern, play an assortment of small games potentially gambling away some credits. HUBs are peaceful areas, security measures are in place to prevent fighting.

HUBs can allow all factions or be restricted to one or a few. Entering a HUB restricting your specific faction could be deadly! Hubs can be stations in space or planetside.

The location of the HUB can be public knowledge or a carefully hidden secret. As long as a suitable environment for life is attainable and transport is easy enough for people to visit, a HUB can thrive!

Long-range warp stations are willing to build a connection to any HUB that will welcome them. (more business for them)

Here are the currently planned HUBS:

Sector 0 HUB (Colonial Union outpost)
A very large station located at sector 0 of the galaxy. Recently mysteriously damaged but still functioning. This HUB also serves as an academy where many cadets from nearby galaxies come to learn about the skills and techniques required to operate a starship.

Welcomes all legal citizens of the Colonial Union. The Alliance of Gentlemen, often seen as criminals and mercenaries are not welcome.

WD Galactic HQ
A smaller station, not built to be open to the public. This type of station exists in every galaxy that contains WD Corporation technology. Its main purpose is the center of
communication with all WD Stations and personnel in the galaxy.

Restricted to WD Personnel and Union Officers only.

Desert Hub
A neutral establishment founded by civilians and merchants. Merchants come from all walks of life selling exotic and useful supplies and goods to anyone with the credits.
A colorful and welcoming HUB, hidden away from harsh sandstorms on an otherwise barren desert planet.

Welcome to all! Bring some credits!

Gentlemen FlagShip “The Estate”
WD’s First Flagship, stolen from their high-security ship yard just before completion. The greatest accomplishment of the Gentlemen and a continuous insulting reminder to the WD Corp. A moving fortress, gentlemen gather there to tell stories of piracy and past jobs, strike new ones, tip others about potential prizes as well as brawl and drink as much as their credits can allow.

Gentlemen Only.

Polytechnic Federation HUB
Located on a waste planet, an underground facility created in secrecy. No one has yet been able to enter it.

Polytechnic Units only.

To submit an idea
As the community you have the ability submit a brand new idea for a HUB or if one of these ideas really resonates with you, you can propose an idea to change, modify or improve an existing HUB!

Submissions for ideas are now open! Please discuss your ideas with one another, working together to form unique HUB ideas can be quite fun!

To submit an idea for a Hub simply make a new thread in this section with a brief description like the ones above. Make sure to put "SUBMISSION:" before the title of the thread!
Feel free to go into more detail, just know there will be more polls in the future for fleshing out more of the specifics of the HUB!
A few weeks from now we will collect all of the submissions, and compile a list of the ones we think fit the universe and are possible with the resources we have. Then we will open up a poll for everyone to vote on the ones they want to see!

Here are some questions to potentially get some ideas flowing!
Where is the Hub Located?
Who is allowed to visit?
Why was this place created? What purpose does it serve?
Is it clean or run-down?
Does it have a story?

Please let us know if you have any questions! We are excited to see what you all come up with!

The Leafy Games Team

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Re: Submission Guidelines!

Post by Wedge » Tue Aug 28, 2018 2:19 pm

Are HUB idea submissions still under consideration? I understand that the game is in the final stages of development, and wanted to know if it wasn't too late to submit an idea. Anyway, thanks for such an awesome game!
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Leafy Developer
Leafy Developer
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Re: Submission Guidelines!

Post by Edinstein » Wed Aug 29, 2018 1:39 pm

While we've already had a vote on the community designed hub (Cornelia Station) we decided to leave up the submission forum for these exact things! While we can't guarantee we'll make your suggestion, if we decided to add a new station or HUB we'll certainly be passing over some of the submissions listed here! Hope that clarifies!

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