SUBMISSION: Sanctuary Station One

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SUBMISSION: Sanctuary Station One

Post by DylanHBL » Tue Jan 13, 2015 12:29 pm

Station name: Sanctuary Station One

Current Owners: The Alliance of Gentlemen

Previous Owners: The WD Corporation

Station Status: Rundown, basically falling apart.

The station can be located by any WD Corporation ships as they are all linked to the station. The Alliance are able to exploit this link and locate the station using any of their ships.
The Alliance have attempted to move the station but it is geographically located to a point in space.

It was originally build for WD members to rest and take a break, they were also able to take out missions and restock/trade.

It is now used as target practise by the Alliance and basic black market trading.

Previously a Main WD Corporation space station but after the war, resources and funds were too stretched to keep the massive station running. They took the decision to sell parts of the station to Third parties such as the Alliance of gentlemen.

The parts bought by the Alliance of gentlemen have turned into a state of disrepair. The Alliance never wanted to use the station but buy it just to spite the once all power WD Corporation.

The WD Corporation cannot stand to watch as their once mighty station is left to die and they want nothing more than to occupy the colossal station once again by any means. Could conflict be on the horizon...

Please tell me what you think...

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