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Sat Jan 17, 2015 12:10 am

  • Where is the Hub Located?: The Shorepoint Station is located on Cyrodin-3, a planet covered in water, with a constant maelstrom named 'Cyrodin's Circle' happening on the northern pole of the planet. It is a giant hub built deep into the core of Cyrodin, with small artificial beaches stemming off the outside gates.

    Concept Art;

    Who is allowed to visit? Anyone. The station is run by ex-scientists and refugees from all major factions.

    Why was this place created? What purpose does it serve? It was created for those who needed refuge from the hostility of the major factions. Scientists from all sides have come together to form a 'utopia' of sorts, a sanctuary where you can escape the dangers of the galaxy.

    Is it clean or run-down? Extremely clean / Top quality

    Does it have a story? Cyrodin-3 has two primary materials. Water and Wizanium. Wizanium is a water resistant metal that has gained such properties after billions of years of sitting in the waters of the planet. Small mercenary factions found out about this, and proceeded to build small outposts all over it. Then, half a century later, refugees and scientists came to the planet to find it abandoned, but with many working tools that allowed them to extract the Wizanium and build a giant hub/fortress that has since prospered.
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