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Post by GwaziMagnum » Sun Jan 25, 2015 4:12 pm

Location: Any uncontrolled sector

Who can visit: Anyone of certain skill (Game terms: A certain amount of skill points gained, or Renown is that becomes a feature).

Purpose: Uriktuna is a space station that is home to some of the most dangerous soldiers, criminals and pirates in space.
Essentially it is a collection of those who have hardened themselves in battle (By any means, honorable or not) and have proven skill and value.
But they do not wish to associate with a big over-arching factions and organizations, they prefer to be more small scaled and selective by nature.
Rather than pollute themselves with masses of mere recruits, they see value in a small but powerful group of people allowing them to do high demand operations without sharing much loot or losing a lot of men recklessly. In truth they function largely like a skilled/advanced mercenary group, but a group that is more than willing to commit criminal activity (sometimes all-out raids) or protect a certain crew, planet etc. if they feel like it holds some sort of benefit or entertainment value to them.

For example, if a rich merchant caravan wanders to close they might attack and plunder it for it's riches. But if one of the their heads runs into say the Princess of a certain planet and fancies her, they might use their pull to declare protection over said planet, or at least herself and her family.

The station itself functions fine, they take efforts to keep technology relevant, up to date and functioning. But they're main concern is function, not appearance so the station might look rather run down, dirty, un-maintained or hospitable even if the station itself works like a charm. It was originally a trading station before being taken over, and since being take oven it is clear they allowed decorative features to tarnish while many weapon and shield systems have been added to the outside. As well as the interior now allowing having armories, training rooms, and even a kind of arena for people to practice in front of a crowd (They don't fight to the death, killing each other is non-sensible).

Story: It started with one mercenary/criminal by the name of Urik becoming bored with normal and mundane work. He wanted challenge, and he wanted to be surrounded by other capable and powerful individuals. So he contacted the few fellow mercs he knew (even those from other merc bands) and proposed they all leave and start their own ban, which he eventually succeeded in persuading them to. They then immediately from one ship began taking demand jobs, advertising themselves as a small and elite group. The jobs, combined with some raids gave them a very tidy profit. While at the same time growing their numbers, both from recruiting worthy people they ran into on the way and their reputation leading skilled people to them. There increased funds and members eventually making them take over a rather big trading station as their new base of operations, and then since then altering it to better reflect them.

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