SUBMISSION: Zenith Fleet Yards

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SUBMISSION: Zenith Fleet Yards

Post by aaaddd4747 » Sat Feb 14, 2015 3:39 am

A massive orbital complex of drydocks (like the ones at the automated repair stations, except bigger and more advanced) above an uninhabitable mars-like planet. there are 5 docks in total, 2 of which contain capital ships in various states of completion, another contains an incredibly old looking dreadnought (possibly dating back to the old wars?) undergoing retrofit.
there is also one completed capital ship on patrol which bears the text "EEVEE" proudly written on the side, followed by what appears to be some sort of registry number.

there is a station overlooking all of them which can be beamed to. Inside the station are many crew members, and a few merchants with very capable, but also very expensive energy weapons, shields, reactors, and engines. The administration of the obscure organisation that runs this place is also visitable. They may to employ you, and if they like you, perhaps even sell a ship or two. the technological level rivals WD corp, however the inside feels a bit too nice to belong to WD, in any case, after a quick glance at last month's casualty report on a desk, you find they take "Progress Above All" to a completely new level.

->Although the location of the system is unknown to nearly all, entry is not restricted.

the organization owning and operating the shipyard is unknown to you, however the leader, or "Supreme Admilar" as he calls himself, requests you refer to it as "Zenith". In any case, judging from that everyone is wearing matching uniforms, and from how they behave, its fairly obviously a military organization. Although they seem more like a dysfunctional family at times.

there are 16 decks to the station
DECK 1: This level contains the bridge, and the "Supreme Admilar"'s office. Security screening is required to enter this deck, and entering the bridge proper requires a fairly high security status. it is on the top of the station and has a great deal of windows, making the entire complex visible from here.

DECK 2: contains offices for various department heads, you note a mysterious lack of an office for their R&D department.

DECKS 3-4: an impressive, large multi-level laboratory, there is a great deal of prototype technology here, much of which is large-scale weaponry. despite the heavily armed guards at every door, they actually encourage visitors to come to this deck, and offer tours.

DECKS 5-8: crew quarters, at first sight they appear borderline posh, upon closer inspection you find the beds are rock hard and there is a mysterious lack of washrooms anywhere in sight. these decks are so simmilar in layout that you feel really thankful the deck number is printed very clearly along the hallways at regular intervals. another interesting thing to note is that despite these decks being large, the quarters are all outwards facing with windows, and the quiet hum emanating from the walls opposite the quarters is from the reactor that goes through these decks.

DECK 9: as the doors to the lift open you see the text "MAIN ENGINEERING" written on the wall. you walk through the door next to the sign and see a reactor that is at least the size of a WD cruiser! it extends upwards several decks, and its transparent casing reveals several swirling streams of energy converging into a singular point. eavesdropping on the engineers in here has told you that it is a NaN singularity reactor, of the same kind which WD very famously blew up a planet trying to create, and were forced to abandon in favour of the significantly less powerful Null Point reactors. elsewhere on the deck you are able to find the mainframe supercomputer that runs their entire operation. naturally, this deck has a great deal of security associated to it, and security screening is required for access.

DECK 10: This deck contains a high end bar with every drink you could imagine, premium quality biscuits and a bay window which takes up an entire wall, overlooking the ancient dreadnought ad planet below. it also sports the latest and greatest in holographic dancer technology. elsewhere on this deck you will find the transporter room you beamed in from, and one of the few washrooms you were able to find on the entire station.

DECK 11: upon stepping out of the lift, you are greeted by a LARGE sign reading MORGUE, and a door next to it. elsewhere on this deck is the medical bay, brig, and firing range.

DECK 12: the Supreme Admilar's quarters.

DECKS 13-16: a docking bay containing many ships similar in size to the Intrepid class. one of the ships in the bay is of a design you've never seen before. (said ship may be obtainable?)

general feel: the interior of the station is spotless, and makes great use white, polished metal, and glass.

according to the Supreme Admilar, the facility exists for the mass production of what he referred to as "Big Pews", and when asked what that meant, he said "Best Pews, like Eevee. Is very stronk" and pointed to the capital ship as it flew past.

the Admilar also made it clear that he didn't like WD very much, and knew the founders personally at one point, only to be betrayed by them later on.

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