SUBMISSION: W.D. drone reasearch facility "Hal"

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SUBMISSION: W.D. drone reasearch facility "Hal"

Post by yacabo » Sat Feb 14, 2015 6:23 pm

This place is a facility with research based on drones for the W.D. company. It's also a station orbiting a mineral rich planet dubbed "Gavion" and while the station has no official name, it's been nicknamed "Hal" by the Gentlemen and caught on by the workers.

You would enter into the "lobby" where everyone but the Alliance of Gentlemen are allowed to enter (The Gentlemen would be shot on sight the moment they are found) though nobody really has a good reason to be in the lobby other than for messages, trading, restocking supplies, etc. because the lobby is a little more than a large hallway in between the teleporter and the main area.

The main area is usually only restricted to the W.D. personal, but is easy to get in since nobody is really going to stop you as long as you don't try to enter more vital areas.
Inside the main area are labs, construction areas, and even a few simulation areas that would simulate most atmospheres that a drone would have to deal with. The station is trying to improve their drones however they can, they even have some parts that are used in the old wars, and it's even rumored that they have their hands on a bit of polytechnic technology. The databases contain a vast amount of working drone blueprints, even to some that aren't even deployed yet.
The drones they are building aren't all space drones with their only purpose to kill anything that comes within their line of sight they not supposed to be there, some are drones that would mine asteroids, explore moons, and even ones that are used on planets. They even use a few experimental mining drone to harvest the materials on the Gavion. The station's life is outnumbered by robots that are mostly used for heavy lifting.

One of the more interesting bits is a mission in the station saying that someone needs to remove a malfunctioning small security drone from one of the simulation areas, your crew is asked to do so and once you head into the simulation area the drone will go haywire and attack you; normally this would be easy but you're not in your ship, and your stuck in there until it dies. This will turn into a boss battle fighting a small security drone on foot.
(Later after killing it, if you look hard enough you can find that it was slightly sentient due to one of the prototype upgrades and went rouge because nobody was celebrating it's birthday)

On the surface of Gavion you would find nothing too special, it's made out of rock and a few other ores, and a few black tentacle like plants that get energy from certain glowing ores.
Anyone is allowed onto the surface, although there is an outpost that is restricted only to W.D. personnel, which again nobody really cares, but is has a bit tighter security than on Hal.
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