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Thu Mar 26, 2015 3:56 am

  • To me, it would only make sense that communication from ship to ship (when the ship type is different) would not be perfectly compatible with other ships. This is because the ships were made by different factions of different people likely with very different ideas than the other factions. So, communicating with other ships to determine if they are passive or hostile (if this is a planned game feature or current game feature I don't know) wouldn't be as simple as "send text or voice over the same wavelength". Translation modules would be an interesting addition that doesn't come with ships as stock. If I run a ship that doesn't have a translation module and I try and talk to another ship, maybe slight compatibility kicks in and we do receive the message, but the text is as scrambled and hard to read as trying to edit a .jar file with notepad: All random letters, numbers, icons, symbols, emoticons, gang signs, saddened looks from your parents, etc. But, if I buy the "basic" level translator, translation becomes easier and compatible with MOST ships. And then maybe one or two are special and run on their own even more special system, so having an advanced translator would work.

    Tl;dr: All ships run on different types of communication, so communicating is hard. Buy a translator and suddenly reading isn't as hard as... well, trying to read a different and foreign language.
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