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SUBMISSION: Gentry's Haven

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2015 12:15 pm
by KaiserMagnus
Located in distant space the Gentry's Haven started life as an asteroid mining colony. Built into a large mineral rich asteroid this small this small but wealthy colony drew the attention of the alliance of gentlemen, who quickly became the de-facto leaders of the base. Any are free to dock and visit the site, however all but those the Gentlemen trust will pay a "small" fee for the privilege of visiting the Haven. Although the valuable minerals that drove the production of Haven were long since depleted it remains a popular hiding spot of unscrupulous individuals, and the place one goes to if they seek to obtain merchandise that is less than legal.

To the casual observer Haven looks like a run down mining rig, with various ships docked to it clamped on to a massive asteroid. Those who are granted passage can make their way down inside the asteroid itself, to admire the glistening rock formations, chaotic lifestyle and a strange modified reactor that is nigh undetectable. How exactly the reactor works is a closely guarded secret. A relative peace is maintained by heavy handed goons under employment by the Gentlemen, though they have been known to look the other way for the right price.

To break the swirling flavour text, The Gentry's haven can be located just about anywhere in the game, and anyone can visit, though non gentlemen will have to pay a fee in order to do so. There are various merchants, many of whom will sell illegal items not widely available. There are also NPCs that will give the player valuable information as to the locations of rare items or special locations, for a price. The section of the hub the player actually visits is entirely within the asteroid, and looks fairly makeshift. From the outside the player can only see decrepit mining equipment embedded in a massive asteroid.