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Thu Apr 23, 2015 5:04 pm

  • Hello everyone!

    Today we are starting the voting process for the general layout of the HUB! Below you can find 4 different approaches to what the layout could be. These are quick and simple blockouts designed to give you all a general idea of where we could go with it! Here are some things to keep in mind while viewing the layouts:

    -The actual specifics could change drastically once we begin to build the in-game versions.
    - Little red cube-shapes represent the size of a human player; this should help illustrate the scale of the layout.
    -The colors present in these layouts do not represent the final colors of the hub. They are there to help illustrate the depth of the scene.

    We built four layouts to choose from. To vote, simply send an email to

    Subject: Layout Vote

    Content: Layout number (1, 2, 3, 4)

    If you do not like any of the choices below you can enter “none” or “5”. If the majority ends up choosing this option we will work something else out!

    Below you can see turnarounds and some screencaps of the layouts. If you want to see more, you can watch Devlog#53!

    Voting will end April 30th!

    Layout 1


    Layout 2


    Layout 3


    Layout 4


    Layout VS Detail
    Hey everyone! We added a visual aid below to help communicate how these layouts might end up looking in the game. They are overviews, not necessarily representations of what the in-game assets would look like. We have every intention of making this place messy.

    We've gotten a few messages about people wanting more of a maze-like structure with no larger rooms, while our original ideas were similar to this thought, we began to realize that it may end up actually becoming a maze and getting players lost or making it a trek to find a specific individual could become aggravating.

    We decided to try and have a bit of both in the end by having the station built into a larger piece of space-debris or ship hull/part and then adding those smaller/messier halls and rooms jutting out. If you disagree with these thoughts then by all means vote 5 or none and if that succeeds then we will work something else out!

    Below you can see some comparisons between sections of a layout and what the a more detailed version might look like, this might help you all more accurately imagine what the rest of the layouts might look like!


    Thanks for your time!

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  • I'm gonna be honest; none of these layouts seem fitting. I'd expect a bunch of ships smashed together to be far more disorganized.
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  • I agree I think it might be worth trying to design a bunch of ships independently and then smashing them together to make the layout. An alternative might be to make a regular station like one of the 4 and just decorate the interior to look like it is made of walls that were once exteriors from other ships. Perhaps the ships were welded together and then atmosphere and life support was jury rigged into the new chamber created by all these ships.
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  • I'm going to go with the other two posters, I'd like the designs to be a bit more disorganized and messy. And considering it's ships smashed together, I'd actually expect it to be much more horizontal than vertical.
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  • I have to echo the others.

    If this is meant to be the ship mash-up idea it looks way to precise and proper.
    It looks far more like a typical station than it does a bunch of different ships salvaged together.
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  • just a thought, would a mess of ships like this have any means of generating artificial gravity? Being in a zero-G environment might not only make the hub unique, but allow some interesting angular level design that might reflect the randomness of derelict ships coming together...
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  • It looks like number 2 will be the messiest
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  • I agree with the previous posters - although all the designs are really neat, none looks like a bunch of ships wielded together. The designs look more like a bunch of ships disassembled and then wielded together to create a station, which is also an interesting approach. But IMHO, a group of (disfunctional) ships which are connected through docking ports and created the Cornelia Station over time, would be way cooler, and also something completely different from everything else we saw before in the game.
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  • Im actually going to disagree with most others on this who seem to think using parts from a bunch of ships seems to mean they are just ramming into each other till stuck then welding the shit together as apose to using the parts from those ships to build something larger which we wouldnt be able to tell from the layout of it as much as the design thereafter. so the walls will be the panels of the ships but they dont have to lay it out in some absurd manor because of that.
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  • I added an example of what we imagine a section of one of the layouts may end up looking like with more detail.

    While the layouts may look orderly and simple, that's just because I didn't feel justified spending too much time on each one.

    I apologize for not clarifying this before the voting starting! Hope this helps clarify things!
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