SUBMISSION: Lucky's House of Ill Repute.. and Bar

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    At Lucky's everyone knows your name, especially when you owe Lucky..

    Lucky's can turn someone fortune, or lose them their ship. All at the roll of the dice.. or cards or what ever your game of chance may be. Plenty of lovely whatever-you're-into's await to keep your lonely crews company, and help them spend their hard earned credits. Libations flow freely, sights to see, anything to get you to loosen your tight grip on your wallet. Everyone's welcome at Lucky's, no currency denied, everything is permissible, nothing is forbidden.. Everybody get's LUCKY at Lucky's

    If it happened, It happened at Lucky's

    Lucky's is a Casino/Luxury Liner/possible whore house.. it's all very murky what goes on there.. nobody really complains... Lay out is pretty straight forward hanger/parking, main game floor, the city over looked by Lucky's spire (main branch to all locations), bars, Lucky might need some help with some collections, seems some people owe lucky.. and Lucky collects whats owed to him..
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  • I like I like! Your ship designs are always awesome.
    Also a good excuse for the devs to design a new type of gambling game... (think pazaak from star wars.)

    Possibility for both enforcement missions and on the flipside, casino heists! :D
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  • just do poker, or rolling dice :) easier to implement :P
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  • This is a great idea. I really like the idea of more points of interest to fill out the random encounters in most sectors and this could be a really great place for RP.

    Earb wrote:just do poker, or rolling dice :) easier to implement :P

    I'm always surprised by how much value mini-games like this can add to the overall feel of RPG's and the like (is Pulsar an RPG?). I like being able to spend my credits on something unnecessary (I'm the Captain who hands out ale and biscuit rations on shore leave)
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