Beta 29.2 Release Notes

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Beta 29.2 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Thu May 14, 2020 1:33 pm

Hey everyone!

Beta 29.2 is now available. It’s mainly focused on bug fixes based on your reports!

  • Game can show controls for more turret actions like firing missiles or activating the pulse laser
  • Signal Jammer Beacons no longer stack to reduce EM detection below 50%
  • Maximum number of AI overrides per priority raised to 15 (from 10)
  • Syber’s Threat program updated to add turret charge speed instead of turret damage
  • Thumbnails in the Customize Appearance menu no longer show model with additional rotation
  • Join game menu now shows the current region and number of crews found in total
  • Increased the respawn time of some rat creatures on one of the cave planets
  • - Saved AI data could sometimes be outdated without the game notifying the player
  • Some game menus were smaller than intended, should be fixed now
  • Starmap camera in saves sometimes wouldn’t let you select sectors on the edge of the galaxy
  • Fixed various internal errors reported by analytics
  • Certain ships could spawn Neutral drones which have been replaced with Bandit drones
  • In new galaxies The Estate now does additional checks to ensure it has sectors within warp range
  • Updated power test for the Engineer in The Academy to take into account new changes
  • EngBot a little better at managing power while cloaked (requires a reset of AI priorities)
  • Scrap icon for the hull repair system on the Interceptor can no longer be seen through walls
  • The scanner should no longer pick up certain long range dialogue actors as NPCs on planets
  • Ships and beacons should no longer spawn inside of asteroids
  • Syber’s Threat program’s effect should now apply properly and show as blue when active on the computer screen
  • Fixed some ammo-based pistols that wouldn’t properly fire their last shot
  • Added message to inform the player if the game can’t write the bindings file to disk
  • Updates to resource and memory management to prevent crashes in certain situations
  • Ship cargo could sometimes not sync their positions correctly initially
Thanks for your reports and feedback!

The Leafy Games Team

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