Beta 12 Release Notes

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Beta 12 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Fri Dec 23, 2016 5:04 pm

Hey everyone!

Devlog 68:

Beta 12 is out now! Many of you have been requesting more ships, so we decided to add a new one to the collection for this update! It’s a Colonial Union research vessel called the Outrider. It is a highly maneuverable, compact vessel that includes a research material harvesting lab.
It is also the only ship so far to start with a handful of research components, which means crews who start on an Outrider can dive into research projects faster than if they started on other ships.

Tracker missiles have been rebalanced to be more effective in combat. Enemy ships will now use them more aggressively, so be careful!

A number of new planets and missions, as well as a new raptor-like creature, are included in Beta 12.

We are also participating in the Winter Sale!
PULSAR is 30% off until Jan 2 on Steam and the Humble Store!

-New Ship: C.U. Outrider
-New Creature: Xenoraptor
-New ambient SFX for various planets
-New Planet: Snow Train
-New Planet: Grassy Plains
-New Planet: Poison Station 2
-New Planet: Grey Plains
-New Planet: Toxic Craters
-New Planet: Cave Base
-New Mission: Deliver Sundust (Tam Mora mission line)
-New Mission: Retrieve Ore Sample
-New Mission: Collect an Egg
-New Mission: Clear the Crash Site
-New door lock system that requires the crew to be in possession of a specific item to have access
-New ship component: A nuke that rivals all others…
-New Items
-New physics volumes that act as a directional force against players

-Updated bot turret systems to enable bots to be smarter about turret selection
-Few optimizations of raycasts for UI / combat
-Tracker Missiles have been rebalanced to make them more important in ship-to-ship combat. Enemy ships will now use this system more aggressively
-Enemy ship AI now detects and prevents hostility for accidental AI hits on friendly AI ships

-Fixed an issue that could cause the starmap waypoint path planner to go through non-existant sectors
-Few SFX bug fixes
-Fixed an issue with the ship fire system that could cause unreachable fires
-Fixed a mission objective bug that could cause players to not be able to complete certain objectives
-Galaxy generation tweaked to help prevent scenarios where the playership has no warp targets in range
-Updated default AI priorities (fixed a behaviour bug on some planets). Won’t take effect until the Captain resets the AI settings
-Small bug fix that could cause stuck loading screen on galaxy reset

Thanks everyone, and happy holidays!

The Leafy Games Team

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Re: Beta 12 Release Notes

Post by Shaftoe » Sat Dec 24, 2016 8:48 am

Steady as she goes, Leafy Games!

This really should attract more players to the game, since lack of content was it's main problem. However, this is not how content making should end. On behalf of my crew, I wish to suggest you 3 new additions: 1) Long range sensors slot and several variations of this piece of equipment, some with better range and some with better accuracy, 2) In-system radar with azimuth/bearing to monitor enemy movements, for captain, pilot and gunners 3) Coordinates grid for Galaxy map (like in Arma or battleship), so it would be easier to orientate with help of grids/letters.

Hope you hear that.

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Re: Beta 12 Release Notes

Post by ChemNerd42 » Mon Dec 26, 2016 5:37 pm

Love the new content! I have a couple suggestions though. Sometimes when I shoot the metal bandits from a distance they teleport right in front of me which isn't realistic at all. Also I went to every planet that was named and have yet to find the place for the mission Artifact Retrieval 3. Is that a bug? Also, I think it'd be cool to use the same concept of needing an item to open up doors in the hubs like give us access to the area in the C.U. Hub that has a guy in front that says you need to be a high ranking officer to gain access. So you could give us a mission that gives us a keycard or a security clearance tag or something like that.

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Re: Beta 12 Release Notes

Post by Shaftoe » Mon Dec 26, 2016 6:16 pm

By the way, burning 448 wreckage in space looks strange.

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