Beta 16 Release Notes

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Beta 16 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Thu Oct 26, 2017 2:13 pm

Hey everyone!

Beta 16 is now out!

Devlog 72:

The Fluffy Biscuit Company was first established as a wholesome biscuit delivery service with one goal: to spread warm, buttery biscuits across the reaches of space. Being a Fluffy Biscuit crew means creating, selling, and delivering biscuits in an intense competition to be the best sales crew in the galaxy. There are a lot of new systems which we try to briefly explain in the release notes below.

Also, we are participating in the Halloween sale on Steam and Humble. For a limited time Pulsar will be available at a 40% discount!

The Fluffy Biscuit Company
-New Ship: The Fluffy One is the most common ship type that the company utilizes, formerly a waste hauler it’s been refurbished and upgraded in a few special ways, read below to find out more!

-Rival System: 12 other ships are working this galaxy, and you are racing amongst them to sell a certain amount of biscuits!

-Ranking Board: Check where your crew places on the ranking board and occasionally see what the other crews have to say, you’ll also be able to compare individual sales per player per sector!

-Customer Radar: This station helps you locate nearby sectors that contain crewed ships, you’ll want to keep these sectors in mind because those ships may very well buy your biscuits.

-Repair / Selling Multi-Tool: Everyone can play a part in selling biscuits on planets and stations! This tool allows you and your fellow crewmates to sell biscuits to virtually any NPC in the game, Using the tool is easy, first you are given the choice between a hard sell and a soft sell.
A Hard sell has a higher chance of selling many biscuits but is a little less likely to succeed overall.
A soft sell will not sell as many biscuits but will have a higher chance to succeed. If you succeed on a soft sell you’ll then be given the choice to push them to buy a crate or another soft sell, you’ll also be able to gauge their interest too!
Two strategies to think about. Also due to Union solicitation regulations your tool will only allow 5 rejections per jump!

-Biscuit Creation Station: That’s right! You’ll not only sell biscuits but you can create them! There are many different biscuit flavors which create a variety of effects! Once you have a recipe installed you can cook a biscuit. Cooking a biscuit is a skill that requires attention and practice, as all as perfect timing. Cooking a Perfect biscuit will give you additional time bonuses while under or overcooking will result in a less effective biscuit. The amount of resources available for cooking biscuits resets every jump.

-New Ship Component type: Biscuit Recipe, when installed will allow you to create biscuits of that type when using the Biscuit Creation Station.

-New Ship Component: Emergency Biscuit Recipe
-New Ship Component: Healthy Biscuit Recipe
-New Ship Component: Carrot Cake Biscuit Recipe
-New Ship Component: Funky Biscuit Recipe
-New Ship Component: Frozen Biscuit Recipe
-New Ship Component: Spicy Biscuit Recipe
-New Ship Component: Lucky Biscuit Recipe
-New Ship Component: Healberry Crumbly Biscuit Recipe
-New Ship Component: Long Life Biscuit Recipe
-New Ship Component: Spicy Crumbly Biscuit Recipe
-New Ship Component: Hearty Biscuit Recipe
-New Ship Component: Garlic Biscuit Recipe

-New Biscuit: Emergency Biscuit - Increases fire resistance and decreases damage in no oxygen environments
-New Biscuit: Healthy Biscuit - Increases max health and adds a small amount of health regen
-New Biscuit: Carrot Cake Biscuit - Increases pistol accuracy
-New Biscuit: Funky Biscuit - Random effect
-New Biscuit: Frozen Biscuit - Your guns will cool down faster
-New Biscuit: Spicy Biscuit - Increased weapon damage
-New Biscuit: Lucky Biscuit - Increased chance of selling biscuits to in-person customers
-New Biscuit: Healberry Crumbly Biscuit - Heals nearby crewmates over time
-New Biscuit: Long Life Biscuit - Will prevent lethal damage once
-New Biscuit: Spicy Crumbly Biscuit - Increased weapon damage for nearby crewmates
-New Biscuit: Hearty Biscuit - Increases armor
-New Biscuit: Garlic Biscuit - Damage dealt to enemies will slightly heal you

-Note About Biscuits: Only one main effect may be active at a time, eating two of the same biscuit will stack the amount of time they last. A player may have an effect from a biscuit they’ve eaten as well as effects from other biscuits (i.e. Eating a Spicy Crumbly Biscuit will still increase weapon damage for others nearby even if they have eaten a biscuit themselves).

-New Uniform: Fluffy Biscuit brand uniforms are worn by crewmembers.
-New Hair Prop - FB Hat

-Biscuit Crates: Every Fluffy Biscuit Ship is equipped with a freezer full of biscuit crates, each contains 100 Biscuits and they are sold as a single unit. They may be sold in person using the selling multi-tool or through ship hailing as the captain. Visiting a Fluffy Biscuit factory will allow your crew to restock these crates.

-Biscuit Bomb - Every Fluffy Biscuit ships is also equipped with a unique defensive device which may be activated during time of extreme duress. While these bombs can do a sizeable amount of physical damage they are known for their special secondary effect which is a sector-wide short-circuit of every single ship instance (excluding your own ship). This gives you and your crew a valuable moment to either attempt an escape or gain the upper-hand while the enemy ships are momentarily crippled. Visiting a Fluffy Biscuit Factor will allow your crew to restock this weapons but only once per chaos level.

-Sector Interest Level: Other crews are roaming the galaxy selling biscuits this means that certain sectors will be more or less interested in buying biscuits based on the history of that sector. This also means if you keep trying to sell biscuits to a large station, they will be less and less interested over time, which encourages you and your crew to move around.

-New Mission: Delivery to planetside explorer
-New Mission: Delivery to food reviewer
-New Mission: Delivery to Restricted CU site
-New Mission: Delivery to Fluffy’s Biggest Fan
-New Mission: Salvage Parts
-New Station: Fluffy Biscuit Factory 1
-New Station: Fluffy Biscuit Factory 2
-New Station: Fluffy Biscuit Factory 3
-New Station: Fluffy Biscuit General Store - Usually found next to other general stores, a place to buy biscuits if you aren’t playing this faction.
-New Station: Fluffy Biscuit Factory 4 - Abandoned factory used for a mission
-New Station: Manor - used for a FB mission
-New Planet: Ice Ball Crater - Used for a FB mission
-New Planet: Desert Storm Planet - Used for a FB mission

-New AI behavior: Bots will automatically go to stations and planets to sell biscuits provided they have the item equipped (which it is by default). You will need to reset your AI priorities in order to gain this functionality.

-The Great Biscuit Race: What better way to promote innovation and boost sales than with a competition! You and your crew are tasked with a race to sell 5000 biscuits, the first one to reach that goal wins! If you fall too far behind you might be selected for Special Training! As chaos increases and the galaxy gets more and more dangerous some of your fellow competitors may succumb to the pressure, let that only serve to remind you of victory!

-Biscuit Madness - [redacted by Fluffy Biscuit Co.]
-Special Training - [redacted by Fluffy Biscuit Co.]
-Biscuit Race Victory - [redacted by Fluffy Biscuit Co.]
-Fluffy Biscuit Music has been added

-Dropping Items - Players can now drop items in their inventory onto the floor of ships, stations and planets, dropped items will be saved if they are planets / stations or your ship. We hope this will be useful for players who want to trade items quickly.
-New AI Behavior: Engage Warp Drive - Engineer bot can now engage warp
-New Save Data: Talents and Equipment are now saved to a specific class. Due to popular demand this is the direction we are heading in. If you want to reset your talent points you’ll need to do it at a neural re-writer. This should not hinder your existing save data (barring the galaxy data).
-Alert Level Lights: Alert levels now have a visual component, red alert will have all lights flashing red accompanied by a noise. Yellow Alert will have an initial sound and slowly flash yellow. Green Alert has no sounds or colors.
-New Creature - Unknown
-Non Captain crew-members can now claim a ship if their captain is incapacitated
-Bots now have smarter weapon selection.
-New UI illustrating timed status effects

-neural rewriter glow effect has been reduced
-Screen explosion damage has been reduced
-Credits are displayed better, they also have better feedback when the number changes. Biscuits Sold will also be displayed if you are playing the Fluffy Biscuit Faction.
-Line of sight to players will now override room area culling
-Tweaked the entrance to The Burrow
-Cost for fuel has been raised from 75 to 125 credits.
-Enemy crews have armor scaling with chaos
-Air-filter replaces climate control on the Aux Reactor Screen. This will filter toxic air.

-Fixed a visual issue with one of the male tech face props
-Fixed an issue with the Long Range Warp Station at sector 0.
-Fixed a visual issue with the Ship Log
-Fixed a visual issue with exo-suits
-Fixed an issue with the captain’s chair on the Stargazer
-Fixed the hull tooltip regarding armor
-Nukes now correctly use their blast range figure
-Fixed a menu issue in full-screen ship components menu

Thank you for your time!

The Leafy Games Team

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Re: Beta 16 Release Notes

Post by ChemNerd42 » Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:12 pm

Thank you very much!!! I've been playing your game for about a year now, and I've enjoyed every update since! My friends and I have been extremely excited about the fluffy biscuit company since we first heard about the game. Keep up the fantastic work!

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Re: Beta 16 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Fri Oct 27, 2017 10:33 am

ChemNerd42 wrote:Thank you very much!!! I've been playing your game for about a year now, and I've enjoyed every update since! My friends and I have been extremely excited about the fluffy biscuit company since we first heard about the game. Keep up the fantastic work!
We were excited to add it! Thanks for the kind words!

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