Beta 18.6 Release Notes

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Beta 18.6 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Tue May 29, 2018 1:40 pm

Hey everyone!

Beta 18.6 is now available!

These changes were supposed to go in Beta 19, but were released early in order to be compliant with the new EU data privacy regulations. We’ve disabled all analytics and reporting from the game until we sort out a better solution for player data / privacy settings.

The majority of changes are smaller quality of life improvements and additions.

Beta 19 will introduce new content and will be released once we do a bit more balancing and get some sounds in.

-Added an additional direction sign to the Intrepid-Class Starship
-Added direction signs to the Outrider-Class Starship
-Added direction signs to the Stargazer-Class Starship
-Added direction signs to the Carrier-Class Starship
-Added direction signs to the Fluffy One-Class Starship
-Added direction signs to the Cruiser-Class Starship
-Added an additional Teleporter towards the front of the Estate
-Added additional teleporters to Cornelia Station
-Added some pickups in a dangerous part of the Estate
-Added a custom cursor to the game, which will replace the default computer cursor image. This cursor will also change color based on the class you are currently playing as, similar to how the tab menu works.
-All ship startup switchboards now have appropriate labeling on each switch
-Atriums are now labeled as medical aid stations, to hopefully inform new players that this is where they may be healed (provided the auxiliary reactor screen is sending power to them)
-Oribit , Fixed and Hybrid pilot camera settings will now adjust based on collision in the sector (less likely to clip through and show backfaces)
-Pilot HUD now shows thrust rating
-Pilot HUD now shows reactor temp percentage
-Added a galaxy map legend, which illustrates the various sector types and faction territories / jurisdictions
-New NPC visual: Female Civilian 1 Amputee
-New NPC visual: Female Civilian 2 Amputee
-New NPC visual: Male Civilian 1 Amputee 1
-New NPC visual: Male Civilian 1 Amputee 2
-New NPC visual: Male Civilian 2 Amputee
-Added transition doors to the Sylvassi Quarter environment area on Outpost 448

-Overcharge program has been renamed to Overdrive
-Tweaked ship teleporter pads to help make them more distinct.
-Character dialogue windows now have an option for ending the conversation, alternatively you can press the X button in the corner or press R again.
-Removed the jetpack restrictions on all remaining ships, this hopefully removes some potential confusion especially for newer players
-Ship components are better labeled based on if they are contraband (red), experimental (yellow) or special (quest related, blue)
-Items are also better labeled in the above mentioned format
-Special items (quest related) can no longer be destroyed or dropped. They may still be sold, however.
-Teleporter screens no longer give the option to teleport to the ship you are currently on
-Dialogue window border has been tweaked
-Thrust Booster warp drive program now adds +6 thrust instead of multiplying thrust
-Character names and health bars are now shown through geometry within a certain distance, this may help with locating positions of crew members on ships

-Fixed an issue with the floating robots found at The Estate
-Fixed a visual issue on the Carrier-Class Starship
-Fixed a space collision issue in Sector 0
-Fixed a few visual issues in Outpost 448
-Fixed a visual issue in Cornelia Station
-Fixed a temperature effect in the Sylvassi Quarter on Outpost 448

Thank you for your time!

The Leafy Games Team

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Re: Beta 18.6 Release Notes

Post by Shaftoe » Wed May 30, 2018 12:20 pm

Nice update. Useful stuff.

I hope there will be more Bounty Contracts down the road, soon.

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Leafy Developer
Leafy Developer
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Re: Beta 18.6 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Thu May 31, 2018 1:42 pm

There won't be bounty contracts in Beta 19, (we have our hands full wrapping up the update), but we might add a few during the Beta 19 hotfix cycle.

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