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Beta 21 - 21.3 Release Notes

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 7:04 pm
by cptslog
Hey everyone!

Devlog #78:

Beta 21 is now available! This update adds new end-game content for the Colonial Union faction. The next big updates after this one will be adding end-game content for the W.D. Corporation and Alliance of Gentlemen factions.

To see the new content, you’ll need to be playing on a Colonial Union crew with a fairly high CU reputation (more details discussed in the devlog). The chain of events start with a special assignment to stop an asteroid from colliding with a planet. Successfully completing this mission and keeping a high reputation will allow your crew the chance to be given a special assignment by the commander of Outpost 448!

We’re very excited to add more end-game content to the galaxy. This update has been in the works for a while, but we’ve managed to solve a lot of interesting problems and build a nice set of tools to help us make content like this faster. We’d love to get your thoughts on the new content and let us know if it’s appropriately challenging!

If you’d like to experience the new content without any spoilers we recommend not reading any further.

-New Weapon: Held Beam Rifle - Similar to the healing beam. This weapon focuses on higher damage output and forgoes healing effects.
-New Weapon: Stun Grenade Launcher - Explosion can stun most enemies, stopping them in their tracks for a short time.
-New system for planetside fires - these do not spread and cannot be extinguished.
-New door type: Seamless Security Door - Opens when the crew is in possession of required item (such as a keycard).
-New door type: Quarantine Door - Door remains closed until all enemies within a given space are defeated.
-New system for spawning enemies - Enemies can now spawn when a player enters a specific area.
-New system for respawning enemies - Certain enemies can now respawn on their own.
-New slider for camera shake - From 0-200% camera shake intensity, you can find the slider in the game settings.
-New system for in-game cutscenes - Used sparingly for the occasional cinematic moment.
-New system to illustrate mission difficulty - If a mission has a suggested crew level and your crew level is lower, it will first appear red, then turn to yellow and finally look normal when you’ve reached the specific level. This is to illustrate when a mission may be especially difficult. This is will mostly be used for the end-game content but will likely be used with other missions over development.
-New system for automatically jumping ships to specified sectors, used primarily for unique story moments.
-New system for timed mission objectives - Used to add some tension to important moments or fights.
-New threat system for special enemies that track damage over time by certain players, and can target the individual currently dealing the most damage

-New Content: The Commander Center of Outpost 448 - Located on the second tier of the station. Inaccessible until ‘Report to the Commander’ CU mission has been accepted.
-New Content: Sylvassi Research lab - Located in the Sylvassi Quarter of Outpost 448
-New Content: Asteroid Level
-New Content: The Wasted Wing

-New Creature: Experiment 72
-New Creature: Stalker
-New Creature: Infected Scientist
-New Creature: Advanced Paladin
-New Creature: The Source

-New CU Mission: Stop Asteroid Crash (assigned via long range comms at CU rep 7 by CU sectors)
-New CU Mission: Report to the Commander (assigned via long range comms at CU rep 9)
-New CU Mission: The Wasted Wing (assigned by NPC Commander Darine Hatham in Command Center)
-New CU Mission: Retrieve Data Pad (assigned by NPC Alarick Soun in Command Center)
-New CU Mission: Eliminate Stalker (assigned by log in Wasted Wing)
-New CU Mission: Eliminate Infected Scientists (assigned by NPC Mat Kornoan in Wasted Wing)
-New CU Mission: Retrieve Medicine for Vilvard (assigned by NPC Noemi Prast in Wasted Wing)

-15 readable plaques and logs in Wasted Wing
-22 NPCs added for CU Wasted Wing mission
-2 NPCs who discuss Sylvassi lore added to research lab in Sylvassi Quarters of Outpost 448
-New NPC Uniform: Colonial Union Commander

-PiBot should be better at entering repair depots
-Ground combat internal values tweaked, players now take less damage overall
-Enemy humans / bandits aiming routines tweaked, this should make them slightly less accurate overall
-Garlic Biscuit should now have correct inventory visual
-NPCs will now look at the player whose turn it is in Liar’s Dice
-Crew AI will now look at players
-A few security additions have been added to the game
-During a disconnect, host will try to autosave game
-Talents have now been grouped into class specific and general, locked talents are displayed at the bottom of the list
-Crew allowance should be faster to set for captains
-Default Camera shake has been adjusted / strengthened
-Player armor has been slightly reduced overall
-The Wasted Wing station has been moved to a seperate close range sector- it’s still visible from Sector 0 but you’ll need to perform a jump in order to reach it. The sector will be jumpable when you have ‘The Wasted Wing’ mission active.
-Changes/Additions have been made to dialog of the following Outpost 448 NPCs in reaction to the Wasted Wing: Jin Saineg, Remi Hocklan, Ranchelle Fieaque, Yondia Dremera, Vera Scems, Lesia Driay, Bain, Viar Tothim, Ide Fellus, Ena Sekra, Safia Neyonus, Weise Quel, Iresa Youls, Daza Susarin, Degoh Gervam
-Changed dialog of Outpost 448 NPCs Remian Folstera and Gusiva
-The new stalker creature has been added to the crashed Roland mission.
-Food items and research materials should weigh less in your inventory, allowing players to hold
more of them.
-Gun cooling talent strength has been reduced
-Replaced dead body meshes on Tall Rock planet and Ant Colony planet
-Changed some visuals on the Ant Colony planet
-Further reduced angular drag on Roland-class ship
-The system for choosing Long range mission assignments have been tweaked
-Internal AI system that can allows bots to adjust flight distance based a specific creature.
-Tweaks to how bots use jetpacks. They now only use them when targeting a location on a different nav mesh ( i.e unreachable by foot or very uneven surfaces )

-Backup CPU scaling is fixed and is no longer overpowered due to a double scaling math bug
-Fixed a collision issue found in the Outrider
-Fixed an issue that wouldn’t fully display longer lists of inventory items
-Potentially fixed an error that occasionally killed bots after teleporting
-Fixed a bug that prevented talents from fully syncing / unlocking
-Fixed a bug with the Intrepid item upgrader
-Bots should appropriately target ground turrets
-Turrets should be able to damage and kill enemies in Sand Scar Arena after players lose
-Fixed an issue that would break lighting inside of room interiors when resuscitated as a human
-Fixed a visual issue found in the captain’s quarters on the Fluffy One
-Fixed a visual issue with the ExoSuit helmet exterior and interior and supply tank on human characters
-Fixed an issue with ‘Investigate Unmanned W.D. Unit’ mission not giving rewards for completion
-Fixed a root motion issue with NPC Ide Fellus in Outpost 448
-Fixed an error that allowed non-captains to edit bot inventories
-Fixed a bug that did not properly show class preview in VR
-Fixed a bug that had AI try to heal crewmembers with the incorrect tool
-Fixed an issue found on the Outrider that would limit music played to ambient only
-Two sectors were being spawned in the base galaxy that should have been restricted to specific missions.
-Waste planet 2 (radioactive one) has been reworked and now has static radiation scrubbers instead of patrolling NPCs
-The Grim Cutlass / Intrepid Night Variant is no longer preventing players from using their flightpacks
-Further removed possibilities for fires to appear in strange places on the ship. As there are quite a few ways fires can spawn on ships, we’ve applied additional checks to all of them to hopefully ensure fires don’t appear in strange places.
-Jumbo Biscuit now has better visual and description.
-Boarding bots should now be less memory intensive
-More checks in-place to prevent AI from using locked teleporters on planets

Thanks for your time! If all goes well, the next main update will be focusing on the end-game content for the W.D. Corporation faction and its climactic mission titled “The Forsaken Flagship”.

Beta 21.1 Release Notes

Beta 21.1 is now available! The Wasted Wing should properly load and the Sylvassi biology lab should render correctly.

We occasionally have content that only shows up in internal builds, which allows us to make public builds quickly without having to manually remove parts of the game that aren’t ready yet. The Wasted Wing sector was listed to only show up in internal builds and when we did our tests with the public version we were loading saves made on the internal version, so we didn’t catch the issue.

This should now be resolved, and people loading their saves with the Wasted Wing mission active should now see a sector to jump to. Thanks for bearing with us!

-Wasted Wing sector should properly load when the mission is active
-Sylvassi biology lab should render correctly now

Beta 21.2 Release Notes

Beta 21.2 is now available! We fixed an issue with the Wasted Wing not spawning when loaded from a pre-21.1 save. Sorry for the trouble!

-Loosened the timing restrictions for processing scrap, the timing window is about 30% bigger.

-Wasted Wing sector should properly load when the mission is active when loaded from a pre-21.1 save
-Fixed a timing exploit possibility with the item and component upgraders

Beta 21.3 Release Notes

Beta 21.3 is now available! We have worked on a fix for missions improperly failing after loading a save. This caused any non-CU missions to fail upon load among other potential issues.

-Missions should no longer improperly fail after being loaded from a save in certain conditions

The Leafy Games Team

Re: Beta 21 - 21.3 Release Notes

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 6:16 pm
by Edinstein
Beta 21.3 should now be live!

Re: Beta 21 - 21.3 Release Notes

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 9:03 pm
by ChemNerd42
Thanks for the updates!

For those who haven't done any of the new missions yet:

Spoiler Alert!!

With the destroy the asteroid mission, would it be possible to make the column targets labels a different color? It was hard for me to figure out what I was supposed to do at first.

Also experiment 72 and the source seem a bit overpowered to me. I understand they're supposed to be tough, but it took me maybe a good 30 minutes of constantly shooting experiment 72 to defeat it. And I haven't been able to beat the source yet since I had to spend the majority of the ten minutes traveling from the ship to it. Maybe it's just me, but seems like it could be made a bit easier.

Re: Beta 21 - 21.3 Release Notes

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:19 pm
by Edinstein
Thanks for the feedback!

Experiment 72 has some pretty strong regenerative abilities, as long as it takes damage frequently, those abilities will be heavily hampered.

There should be multiple teleporters that have been unlocked on your way to The Source, the closest one should be the Safe Room area which should make the travel time back to the fight faster than 10 minutes, unless I misunderstood something!

As a side note, we'd recommend crews consider visiting a Neural Rewriter at outpost 448 and re-apply your talent points to better suit ground combat before heading to the Wasted Wing.

Re: Beta 21 - 21.3 Release Notes

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 8:16 pm
by ChemNerd42
I'll try it facing both with some better equipment. My first time through I ran out of ammo, so all I was able to use was the standard phase pistol that everyone starts out with. So it could have just been that when I played it, I was just very unprepared.

With facing the source, I ended up dying almost instantly, so I would continuously respawn and use the closest teleporter back to the wasted wing (again, most likely just me being unprepared).

Also, I encountered a rather significant bug. When we warped out of the wasted wing, the objective find and eliminate the source completed for us even though in the save I loaded, we hadn't reached that point yet. I'm not sure if this also happens with the other objectives for the wasted wing mission or not.

All and all though, my friend and I have enjoyed the progress that's been made, and I have especially enjoyed seeing the overall story unfold.

Re: Beta 21 - 21.3 Release Notes

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:11 pm
by Edinstein
Thanks for the reports and feedback! We wanted to make this place a fair challenge, but it's possible we went too far.

We'll look into that mission bug soon.

Re: Beta 21 - 21.3 Release Notes

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:22 pm
by ChemNerd42
Are the bots supposed to attack the source? For my friend and I, whenever we were facing the source, the bots would initially attack it until they re spawned and then they would just follow the captain and would only attack the infected scientists. It seems to me like it'd be a better balance if the bots did attack the source.

Re: Beta 21 - 21.3 Release Notes

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 2:03 pm
by Edinstein
In a general sense, bot hostility works based on range and whether they've taken damage. Since the Source is a distant threat, we may have to look into tweaking some of the AI configuration. If the bots are specifically no longer attacking after respawning, there may be an issue in play. We'll look into it, apologies for the inconvenience.