Beta 21.4 Release Notes

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Beta 21.4 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:28 pm

Hey everyone!

Beta 21.4 is now available!

-New Sector Type: Scrapyard - This station sells unprocessed scrap. Some pieces of scrap are more expensive than others to capitalize on more desperate crews. The more expensive scrap components don’t come with any additional benefits. These sectors also include a repair depot.

-Seasonal props have been removed from the game

-Fixed an issue relating to certain items when dropped onboard ships
-Ion Storm visual on starmap should work better when loading from a save
-Removed the delay on the Asteroid mission, this should help prevent crews from warping prematurely and allow them to be brought to the CU supply station for a new reactor core
-Players are invulnerable for a short period after teleporting
-Fixed a few minor issues found on Mueva 7
-Fixed an internal error that could occur when starting a new galaxy
-Fixed a networking issue that would sometimes not display unlocked teleporter locations to clients after loading a save

Thanks for your time!

The Leafy Games Team

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