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Beta 21.6 - 21.8 Release Notes

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 1:58 pm
by Edinstein
Hey everyone!

Beta 21.6 is now available! We’ve added a few new systems focused on getting us to be more informed as developers. We’ve added in an optional analytics system to help us start getting a clearer picture about how the game is played and what we might need to work on more.

We’ve also added an in-game bug reporting system which may make the reporting process easier for some. We have a field to include an email address if you’d like the possibility of us contacting you with potential workarounds or further questions. Just know that if you don’t include an appropriate way for us to respond we may not be able to tell you of known ways to resolve common issues quickly.

-Added optional analytics to help us be more informed, especially when making balancing decisions
-Added in-game bug reporting via the main menu or escape menu
-Added an option to use a virtual cursor instead of the default hardware option, this is primarily for those having cursor issues like the ones reported on many Linux machines.
-Added an option to abandon missions
-Added a hardware incompatibility menu that can detect a common video card issue and inform the player automatically of a possible workaround

-Keeper Beam overall damage reduced
-Starmap now shows filled diamonds for visited sectors and unfilled diamonds for unvisited sectors in the galaxy
-Oculus plugin updated for better compatibility with newest versions of Oculus software

-Fixed a collision issue found on the WD Cruiser
-Fixed a culling issue found on the WD Cruiser
-Fixed collision and potential root motion issue on storm planet
-Fixed rotated chair on Roland
-Fixed an issue with radiation areas that could cause them to work improperly

Beta 21.7 Release Notes

Beta 21.7 is now available! This fixes a pretty serious bot issue that managed to make it into the previous build. Thanks to those who’ve been sending in reports!

-AI crew bots should no longer start falling and dying when they go out of sight
-Bug reporting menu now should always unlock the cursor so you can use and close it

Beta 21.8 Release Notes

Beta 21.8 is now available! It contains some fixes based on user reports. Thanks everyone who is sending in reports and feedback!

Beta 21.8 also includes a possible fix for an issue that caused the game to not start on certain hardware. It seems so far the first-gen Intel Core processors are the most commonly affected but any processor without the AVX instruction set could have been affected. Let us know if anyone who had game startup issues after Beta 21.5 is still experiencing the problem on this build. We are unable to fully verify the fix since we don’t have the appropriate hardware on hand and we thank you for your patience in getting this sorted out.


-Possible fix for issue with Oculus integration on certain older hardware without AVX support that caused the game to not start
-Fixed bug in the intruder alert system that caused it to report false positives in certain situations (Fluffy Biscuit crews, investigator drone from cargo inspection)
-Fixes to AI targeting for the fight with The Source in the Wasted Wing
-Possible fix for rendering / game issue on artifact planet 1

Thanks for your time!

The Leafy Games Team

Re: Beta 21.6 - 21.8 Release Notes

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 6:34 pm
by Edinstein
Beta 21.8 is now out! Release note above!

Re: Beta 21.6 - 21.8 Release Notes

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:50 pm
by mrsandman321
Hello! I see on the roadmap that 21.9 is more bug fixes/balancing. Is it the balancing that is delaying that .x update so much? Or could it be there's more content involved?! Either way is exciting as balances could really change how a lot of the game feels.

Thanks, as always, for y'all's hard work!

Re: Beta 21.6 - 21.8 Release Notes

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 12:50 pm
by Edinstein
We've also been working on finishing up the main content for Beta 22. We've been back and forth about whether to release 21.9 or if we should just release all of the changes in Beta 22. Sorry for the wait, we've made quite an handful of improvements which we're super exited to get out.

A few of the QOL changes we've made which may be released earlier if 21.9 goes out include better inventory management for AI crew-members, updated networking for jet-packs and weapon and ammo improvements!