Beta 22 - 22.1 Release Notes

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Beta 22 - 22.1 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Wed Mar 27, 2019 5:02 pm

Hey everyone!

Devlog 79:

Beta 22 is now available! It focuses on creating end-game content for the W.D. Corporation Faction. The update includes multiple missions leading up to the climactic “Forsaken Flagship” mission.

Besides that, we’ve done a lot of work related to hand-held weapons. The weapons should feel nicer when looking around. We’ve also worked on the heavily requested feature of two-handed weapons. All grenade launchers should now come as two-handed weapons, as well as the Burst Pistol (now called the Burst Rifle) and the Hand Cannon (now called the Splitshot).

We’ve also reworked weapon ammo by adding an additional feature. You can now reload weapons anywhere as long as you have an ammo clip in your inventory. Holding R will reload the gun you currently have equipped.

An ammo clip will spawn in the ammo crate each time a fuel capsule is consumed (either via jumping or recharging programs). The crate won’t store more than one ammo clip so remember to pick them up! This new ammo system has allowed us to rework some of the existing ammo amounts certain guns have, so be on the lookout for those changes as well.

We’ve also added the ability to send items directly to other crewmembers. Captains can use this system to better equip their AI bots, and players can use it to send items or resources quickly to one another.

Beta 22 also includes various additions, improvements and fixes!

WD Content (potential spoiler warning!)

-New Mission Sector: WD Weapons Demonstration Area
-New Mission Planet: AOG Secret Hideout
-New Area: WD Control Room (located within WD HQ). Requires special security clearance to access.
-New Mission Sector: The Forsaken Flagship
-New WD Mission: Track Down Security Drone (acquired through long range comms, requires WD rep 5 minimum, crew level 3 minimum, near WD sectors)
-New WD Mission: Weapon Demonstration (acquired through long range comms, requires WD rep 6 minimum, crew level 5 minimum, near WD sectors, mission ‘Track Down Security Drone’ completed)
-New WD Mission: Planet Bombardment (acquired through long range comms, requires WD rep 7 minimum, crew level 7 minimum, mission ‘Weapon Demonstration’ completed)
-New WD Mission: Report to Sullivan Vorcolp / The Forsaken Flagship (acquired through long range comms / NPC ‘Sullivan Vorcolp’ in the WD Headquarters Control Room, requires WD rep 10 minimum, mission ‘Planet Bombardment’ completed)
-New WD Mission: Additional Tasks (acquired through NPC ‘Oskal Shardes’ in the WD Headquarters Control Room, requires mission ‘The Forsaken Flagship’ to be in progress)
-New Weapon Type: Unstable - This weapon’s upgrade bonus will degrade every few jumps, these normally start at +5 and crews will need to occasional upgrade them if they want to keep that +5 bonus.
-New Weapon (unstable): The W.D. Heavy - Held with two hands. Capable of firing powerful shots at long ranges. If the projectile doesn’t kill on impact, the force alone will likely push the target back.
-New Weapon (unstable): The S.P.I.K.E.R. Prototype (Sporadic Point Industrial Kinetic Energy Reducer) - Held with two hands. Creates a field of ice when fired. The ice deals damage to enemies traversing through it, and it also slows them down.
-New Weapon (unstable): The I.M.P.A.C.T Prototype ( Internal Manifold Projection Arc / Combatant Thrower ) Generates a powerful force effect to keep enemies from approaching you.
-New Creature Variant: Adamantine Drones - These creatures have been genetically modified to withstand incredible amounts of damage.
-New Creature Variant: Waste Wasps and Crawlers - These creatures have also been genetically modified to grow bigger and more dangerous.
-New Creature: The Impossibility - A sphere of mysterious force that seems to feed on the bodies of its foes. If an Impossibility kills a crewmember, it will regain some of its health.
-New Creature: Large Infected Crawler - A larger, more imposing version of the Infected Crawler.
-New Creature: Infected WD Crewmembers (Male and Female) - These individuals are lost to the Infected and will attack anyone on sight.
-New Creature: Mindslaver - This large Infected organism instinctually cultivates infections.
-New Creature: Heart of the Ship - This parasite uses a ship’s own energy source as fuel to grow and spread.
-New Enemy: Bandit - Can be any faction or race
-New Enemy: Elite Bandit - A stronger version of the Bandit.
-New Ship enemy: Infected Drone - A security drone that has been corrupted and controlled by the Infected.
-New Ship Enemy: Infected Fighter - A fully formed Infected Fighter grown from the chassis of an infected drone. It is capable of launching spore pods.
-New Ship Enemy: Infected Grappler - An orgasim that will defend a newly forming infected ship.
-New enemy spawning system - Will occasionally spawn enemies out of sight, which then attack the players. Used on the Forsaken Flagship Mission Scenario.
-Improved Infected Spore Pods - Better about tracking and connecting to ships
-Improved Infected Crawlers - Much better about boarding ships. They also have a proper death animation now.
-9 new NPCs for Weapon Demonstration mission
-6 new NPCs for Planet Bombardment mission
-11 new NPCs for Forsaken Flagship mission
-3 readable logs in AOG Secret Hideout (Planet Bombardment) mission location
-4 readable logs in Forsaken Flagship mission location
-New dialog for some NPCs at W.D. Headquarters in reaction to certain mission completions


-Two handed weapons have been added. They function similarly to pistols.
-New Ammo System: Guns can now be reloaded on the fly. Pressing and holding [R] will start the reloading process. You must have an ammo clip in your inventory to reload. The ammo clip will be consumed during the process. This only reloads the gun you currently have equipped.
-New Kickback System - will slightly move your aim upwards when firing certain weapons.
-New Item: Ammo Clip - used to reload weapons
-Ammo Clip configured to randomly appear in general stores
-Some Ammo Clips have been added to the Wasted Wing Scenario
-New Ship System: Ammo Drop - By expending a fuel capsule (during a jump or program recharge) an ammo clip will be formed in the ammo crate. Pressing [R] will pick it up.
-New System: Send Item - Players can now send items to other crew members. Sent items will appear in their inventories. Players can send any item they currently have in their inventory. Players can also send items to Bots. The captain can also use this system for bots (you can have a bot send you an item it is currently holding).
-New Notification: You will be notified if an item has been sent to you.
-New Notification: You will be notified when a weapon in your inventory degrades (for unstable weapons)
-New AI Behavior - AI will prioritize the weapons they use in combat based on the numbering in the equip slots (AI will tend to favor a weapon in slot 2 over slot 4).
-New AI behavior - AI will attempt to get better positions during combat

-New sound effects have been added for the new content
-New networking implementation for flight packs. Players in flight should look much smoother and less laggy.
-New additions to internal campaign editor
-Added a visual indicator for voice chat above characters in the world
-New Character Visuals: Male and Female WD Executive Uniform
-New Character Visuals: Male Commander Uniform
-More variation in space backgrounds
-Added a system for the Teleport Screen to display when teleportation locations are obstructed
-New Talents: Quick Reload I & II: General talent to reduce reload time


-The Heal, Mini, Fire-Killer, Pulse, Repair and Stun Grenade launchers have updated art assets, they are now two-handed weapons.
-First person weapon visuals have been improved, with less movement and wonkiness when looking around.
-First person scanner has also been improved.
-Some weapons can now hold more ammo.
-Pulse Grenade Launcher damage has been reduced
-The Hand Cannon has been changed to the ‘Split-Shot’ and is now two handed.
-The Burst Pistol has been changed to the ‘Burst Rifle’ and is now two handed.
-Slightly changed end credits sequence
-Edited dialog of NPC ‘Remhan Zesho’ at W.D. Headquarters
-WD Hub NPCs should have different dialog if you are not aligned with the WD faction
-Added some more props to the Captain’s Quarters section of the Estate
-The Burrow, Cornelia Station, Ant Colony, Artifact Planet 4, Bandit Base, Bandit Caves, FB Delivery Mission 2, Cave Planets 1, 2 and 3, Lava Planet 1, Mining Station Planet, and Toxic 3 have gotten some improved textures.
-Some tweaks to Infected Carriers
-Made some tweaks to AI navigation which should help them from getting stuck in certain types of environments
-Tweaked the inventory object system to help show larger items in the display
-Manually charging programs will now also refill ammo supply


-Fixed a UI issue related to abandoning missions
-Fixed an issue on the Roland related to equipping auto-turrets from the expanded ship component menu
-Fixed an issue with a WD mission giving Fluffy Biscuit Co. reputation
-Fixed a root motion issue with an NPC in the W.D. hub
-Fixed animation on NPC ‘Bolgath’ at the Burrow
-Added a credit reward to WD mission “Remove Obstructions”
-Fixed a collision issue found on the WD Annihilator
-Fixed a lighting issue on the snow observatory planet
-Fixed a bug with dropping and picking up items on ships
-Fixed an issue with a mesh on lava planet 1
-Removed seasonal props from the Roland-Class starship
-Fixed a visual issue when interacting with the Barber station at the WD Hub.

Looking ahead, Beta 23 will include end-game content for the Alliance of Gentlemen Faction, nicknamed “The Madman’s Mansion”!

Beta 22.1 Release Notes

Beta 22.1 should be out now! It mainly focuses on some bug fixes that have been reported. We also made some slight tweaks to gun combat based on the feedback we got on our last update.

We’ve also taken some time to update our trailer since our last one was filmed with version Beta 1. We hope you like it!

Link to new trailer:

- Slightly tweaked how damage works for players and crew bots
-Tweaked space background at Outpost 448 (Sector 0)

-Ammo clips should no longer be seen as equippable or upgradeable items
-CU stop asteroid mission should work better in regards to the destructible columns objective.
-Fixed an issue with the Twister enemy type

Thanks for your time!

The Leafy Games Team

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Re: Beta 22 Release Notes

Post by Jollycat » Wed Mar 27, 2019 5:18 pm

Wow! so much new content and bug fixes. You guys are awesome!

Keep up the great work.

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Re: Beta 22 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Mon Apr 01, 2019 3:11 pm

Beta 22.1 is out live now! Release notes have been added to the main post!

Thanks for the kind words Jollycat! :)

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Re: Beta 22 Release Notes

Post by Pandemic08 » Mon Apr 01, 2019 7:27 pm

You guys are awesome. I haven't played in a while but just started a new game last weekend and I am loving the updates. Also not sure when you updated it but the music and the skyboxes are AMAZING. There were several times that my friends and I just parked our ship at a planet and just stared out the windows and listened to the music. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us. Keep us the awesome work.

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