Beta 26.3 Release Notes

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Beta 26.3 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Sat Nov 30, 2019 4:23 pm

Hey everyone!

Beta 26.3 is out now! This update includes a few fixes to VR and ship racing! We’ve also dropped the rule that crews can only try each Ion Race once. While the previous implementation may have been more realistic, this way is more convenient and less prone to misunderstandings.

Besides that, we’ve also made some large changes to how Steam VR bindings work. The default bindings for both the Vive and Rift controllers have been updated, and players should now be able to use the Steam controller configuration system to quickly customize their bindings. We’ve also made bindings for the Index, though we don’t currently have knuckle controllers to test them on, so we can’t entirely vouch for them. That being said, players using the Index should be able to customize those bindings however they wish.

  • Added some additional information regarding kicks and bans (as well as how to reverse them) in the kick confirmation menu
  • Crews can now re-try the Ion Races after losing. They can retry by reloading a save made during the race or leaving the sector and returning.
  • Added the ability to activate personal cloak for Sylvassi characters in the Order (Z) menu
  • Tweaked the Interceptor’s shower doors so that they open further away, and it’s less likely for players to run through them
  • Changed the position of the captain’s log screen on the Interceptor so its action prompt doesn’t interfere with the captain’s locker action prompt
  • Made some changes to what information loads first when a level is loaded.
  • Tweaked turret rotation math to possibly yield smoother results in certain circumstances
  • Tweaked the default VR control bindings and removed some legacy requirements from the system
  • Fixed a dialogue issue with an NPC in Outpost 448
  • Fixed an issue on the storm planet regarding creatures in a zero oxygen environment
  • Fixed an issue with research materials spawning beneath a terrain on the kiln seed mission planet
  • Fixed an issue with the Balmy Gloom objects on toxic planet 1
  • Fixed a missing material in Dutain’s Garage (Race 1)
  • Fixed an issue involving saves made on the racing levels not loading properly
  • Fixed an issue that would reset the player ship mid race if a player joined the game
  • Fixed a VR camera issue with the new dialogue windows
  • Fixed a VR issue with the player character model showing up when the Tab menu opens
  • Fixed a few issues that might have caused some voice chat problems
  • Fixed an issue that might have been causing warp drives to show incorrect range when loading a save
  • Fixed an issue with damage tracking that caused runs to be flagged as not eligible for the Pacifist achievement when the player ship had not dealt any damage
  • Fixed a VR issue that prevented players from navigating the Starmap
  • Fixed an issue related to tracking and networking mission objectives for players joining ongoing games
  • Fixed a networking issue with long range dialogue, mission dialogue and objectives during initial ship syncs
  • Fixed a visual error related to certain mission objectives requiring crews to visit planets
Thanks for your time and feedback!

The Leafy Games Team

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