Beta 26.4 Release Notes

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Beta 26.4 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Thu Dec 12, 2019 5:33 pm

Hey everyone!

Devlog 84:

Beta 26.4 is out now! This update includes a few new additions as well as some fixes.
We’ve added a new Sector Commander, the Deathwarden which can be found in W.D. Space. It’s flagged as an enemy to all, so WD crews can attack it without losing rep.

We’ve also added the ability for Engineers to overclock their reactor. This instantly increases the amount of output the reactor has but also builds heat very quickly. We’re interested to hear what you have to say!

Besides those we’ve also added a few other things and tweaked a few more.

  • Added new system to allow captains to reclaim their ship (in the event it was stolen or unclaimed in any way) without having it become flagged.
  • Added an Overclock option to the reactor screen. This greatly boosts the reactor’s potential output but also increases heat output significantly. Should only be used with coolant or it will overheat your reactor very quickly.
  • New Sector Commander: The Deathwarden: A larger, more violent deathseeker that is constantly emitting overcharge and comes equipped with lighting turrets and a slowly repairing hull.
  • Combat Levels: Ships in the game now have an estimated combat level which is calculated by comparing all of the ship’s installed components. You can identify a ship’s combat level if your sensor rating is high enough, and you can see your own ship’s combat level by examining your own ship through the sensor screen. These ratings are estimations solely based on ship components, and don’t consider talents or other factors.
  • New Ship Component: Deathwarden Hull - Unique to the Deathwarden, has hull repairing tech.
  • Made some tweaks to the Starmap for VR players
  • The Healing Beam Rifle now uses ammo and heals quicker
  • Fire Extinguishers no longer cool reactors. When we first added this, we thought it would be a neat secret feature, but since it encourages a playstyle that’s not particularly engaging we removed this effect.
  • The Lightning Turret’s chance of turning off ships when dealing hull damage has been reduced by half
  • Added some additional ammo clips and Revitalizing Syringes to the Wasted Wing
  • Names / health UI of players tweaked to show crewmember health bars when a healing item is being used. The health bar also now flashes green when healed.
  • Overclocked Null Point Reactor renamed to Reinforced Null Point Reactor
  • Tweaked mission text for WD mission ‘Defend Mining Base’, removed one hostile ship, increased credit reward, and increased jump count requirement
  • Chat window text now fades away after a period of idle time, it reappears if a crewmember sends a chat message or the player begins to write one.
  • Tweaked visual effects for Sylvassi Swordship beam attack. Also added sound effects.
  • Internal tooltip system improvements and fixes
  • Certain ship components are now flagged to not drop, these are particularly relevant to the ships they belong to and weren’t meant to be used by player crews (I.E Super Inertia Thrusters)
  • Tweaked explosion visuals for some handheld guns
  • Tweaked projectile visuals to the Splitshot weapon
  • Tweaked the Default AI priorities: The Engbot a higher priorities for fully starting the ship again before repairing systems
  • Fuel and coolant will now be more expensive at higher chaos levels
  • Made some improvements to the kick menu to make it clearer when a kick is also a ban
  • Fixed the ship destruction camera
  • Fixed an issue that could make your player character invisible during class selection
  • Fixed an issue that allowed pilots to use their jetpacks while piloting
  • Fixed an issue with the Caustic Corsair dialog not accepting an exact 5000 credit bribe
  • Fixed a visual issue involving a mesh on the Outrider
  • Fixed a networking issue with Morley Morpalti’s ship component store in Cornelia Station
  • Fixed a ship hailing issue related to the Caustic Corsair
  • Players can now atomize research materials while the system is currently researching a new talent
  • Fixed an issue with the ship racing music if the ship was on Green Alert
  • Fixed a few out of bounds issues in the Wasted Wing
  • Fixed a collision issue found on some of the windows of the Outrider
  • Fixed an issue with ships not showing up in some of the UI in some situations
  • Fixed a ship networking issue that caused some ships to rotate and stutter on clients
  • Fixed an issue that could cause enemy ship deaths to register twice
  • Fixed an issue with AI pathing on the snowy terraforming planet
  • Fixed a visual issue on the WD Destroyer
  • Fixed a password window issue that would cause it to incorrectly appear when joining the game lobby
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from sometimes dropping items on planets
  • Fixed a visual issue with warp that was causing it to not fully show up
  • Fixed a visual issue regarding the “Sword” attack for the Sylvassi Swordship

Thanks for your time and feedback!

The Leafy Games Team

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