Beta 26.5 Release Notes

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Beta 26.5 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Fri Dec 20, 2019 3:24 pm

Hey everyone!

Beta 26.5 is out now! This update was mainly focused on fixing a few low level networking issues we found which may have been causing connection problems in certain circumstances. We also slightly tweaked the ThermoCore reactor stats to help make it more manageable.

In a future update we’re planning on adding in-game tips during times like loading or respawning. If you have any ideas about topics we should cover or where new players could use additional advice, please let us know either by making a comment below or emailing us here: Thanks!

  • Fire-killer grenades no longer have an effect on reactor temperatures.
  • Tweaked various stats regarding the ThermoCore reactor, which reduce its heat output and help make the reactor more manageable.
  • The ThermoCore reactor’s stat for output references its maximum output now.
  • Heat output now affects core stability. More output will cause more instability when the reactor is in critical temperatures.
  • Overclocking now affects core stability. An overclocked reactor will cause more instability when the reactor is in critical temperatures.
  • Fixed some issues with secured games that could cause connection issues in some rare circumstances. Could prevent clients from joining a game until the client was restarted and cause the host to drop a game if a player who was previously the host joined them.
  • Fixed an issue with private games that could cause some desync issues for some clients.
  • Fixed an issue with the character customization menu not properly displaying the page arrows.
Thanks for your time and feedback! We hope everyone stays safe and warm this season!

Happy Holidays,
The Leafy Games Team

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