Beta 27 Release Notes

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Beta 27 Release Notes

Post by Edinstein » Thu Jan 23, 2020 5:37 pm

Hey everyone!

Devlog #85:

Beta 27 is out now! It adds an in-game tutorial called the Academy. This update was surprisingly challenging to put together. Turns out ripping apart a starship and exposing all of its systems in a controlled way is a little complicated. The Academy is now available from the main menu. We decided on having it be a single-player experience so each player could learn at their own pace. In the spirit of teaching, we’ve also implemented a tip system and a tooltip system which we explain more about below.

Besides that, we’ve added a way for the captain to remove the purchasing limits on ship components. This should allow the captain to delegate more of the component shopping to their crew if they want to.

We’ve also added the possibility of moons to show up around the planets. These are just visual additions, but we hope you like them!

  • The Academy: This is a single player tutorial experience to get new players familiar with the various systems and roles of the game. The goal is not to be a fully comprehensive overview of each system but rather give new players a bit more confidence and understanding before joining a live game.
  • In-game tip system: These tips will show during the loading screen after joining a game as well as when you are respawning in an atrium. They will first cycle through in order and then choose from the pool of tips randomly. If you have ideas for any tips you think people should see, please send us an email here:
  • Crew Purchase Limits: The captain can now disable crew purchase limits if they want their crew to participate more in the purchasing and selling of ship components and other high-price items. Crewmembers can only install components by swapping them through the “Compare” option in the store. Otherwise the captain must still install them. By default, limits on crew purchases are active, but the option can be checked off at any time through the captain menu.
  • New captain notifications for crewmembers buying and selling ship components
  • Moons: This is a purely visual addition, but planets now have the chance to generate moons which can sometimes be seen from space and the planet surface.
  • Tooltips: Players can hold ALT to unlock their cursor. This functions similarly to holding SPACE, but it will also display various tooltips when hovering over certain screen systems. This should hopefully be useful for quickly referencing or refreshing one’s knowledge of the screen systems.
  • GX Database: The GX Database, which provides general information about ships and hazards in the galaxy, can be accessed again from the “Search” section of the scientist’s computer screen.
  • Made some changes to the frozen base planet, requiring players to use their scanners to navigate the mines more.
  • Improved the visuals for the bridge teleporter location in the Forsaken Flagship
  • Added a new area to the Burrow. It will play more of a role in a future update.
  • Cursor is no longer locked when game is loading
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes occur if multiple crew members attempted to process the same scrap simultaneously
  • Fixed a lighting issue found on the Fluffy One starship
  • Fixed a VR bug that wouldn’t correctly orient repair guns and fire extinguishers
  • Fixed a Steam issue regarding the ban list showing unknown names
  • Spotlights no longer illuminate planets
  • Fixed a fire generation issue in the Too Close to Star scenario
  • Fixed a visual issue that could sometimes appear with the sensor dish
  • Fixed a possible performance issue relating to planets
  • Fixed an issue with cheat detection that could potentially cause false positives
Thanks for your time and feedback!

The Leafy Games Team

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