Smaller Starting Ships, Earn Larger Ships

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  • The starting fleet of ships are awesome.

    What I'd love to see is that these are populated throughout the galaxy rather than available at the start. I think it would be incredible fun to have 9 (3 per faction) starting ships that are significantly smaller. Almost nothing more than a bridge and a teleport pad (heck, this could also allow for subsystems to become something earned/discovered as you upgrade ships). This makes earning credits (to buy a ship), taking ships (by claiming), extractors (to take investments in old ships), faction allegiances (depending on the kind of ship you want), and humility (in the face of a decked out Roland) far more valuable.

    Then there's more of a natural narrative for a crew too: starting from nothing we became this fearsome force/renowned bounty hunter/noble protector of the entire galaxy. It also makes early choices much more crucial, gives the game more replayability, and fosters more ownership over the ship you have.
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  • We are going to look into adding a ship unlocking feature in the future! However, right now we want all the ships to be thoroughly tested, so everything is available for play.
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