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  • Sometimes a captain has to go AFK. The rest of the crew is then stuck without any possibility of:
    • Discarding scrap to pick up other scrap/parts after a battle
    • Selling/buying/replenishing/restocking/swapping/installing ship components and cargo
    • Repairing
    • Using warpgates without operating them from inside (and bringing Chaos to max value instantly)
    • Skipping warp-jumps
    • Taking or refusing Long-range communication missions/orders
    • Moving cargo around
    • Assign talents for bots
    • Plot course on the Starmap
    • Probably something else I managed to forget

    It would be great if the Captain could (not mutually exclusively):
    1. Mark himself as "AFK" so the game would know he wants to delegate. At minimum, marking himself as AFK should let the other (bots excluded) crewmembers vote to skip - if 100% non-Captain, non-bot crew members want to skip (F8 would suffice), skip the jump.
    2. Delegate separate tasks from the list above ("Weapons officer, you are in charge of buying/selling ship components", "Engineer, you can repair us", "Scientist, handle the long range communications", "Pilot, you toss out scrap one by one after we are full and need to pick something else up", etc.). Most of my Captains are newer to the game than I am and/or trust me enough to make rational and optimal choices even though I'm the Weapons Officer (and I still consult everyone and ask before committing to a decision). It would make it vastly easier for the Captain even if he was not AFK.

    Captain could then go AFK (that Real Life sometimes...) and the crew could continue on the tasks/path set by the Captain. Or, even the Captain wasn't AFK, they could help him with whatever would be needed.

    Please also see Easy and fast shop QoL upgrades for a non-mutually exclusive suggestion for helping the Captain with shopping.
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  • I had actually just suggested that the captain should be allowed to appoint another player as the ships X.O. That player would have all the permissions of the captain / host until the captain returned and revoked the permission
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  • Thanks for the suggestions, guys! This is a highly requested one. We've wanted to add an in-depth permissions system for a while now, and we think it could help with situations like these. Having a way to tie in certain permissions based on the current captain order is also probably worth considering. It's not something we want to add lightly, but we're definitely discussing it among the team.
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