[Suggestion] Reasons to keep a ship manned during Ground Mission

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[Suggestion] Reasons to keep a ship manned during Ground Mission

Post by Wil » Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:08 am

Thanks for reading! I am a long time Star Trek fan which this game clearly pulls from. One aspect of that show that seems to be lacking in Pulsar is reasons to keep the ship manned while the crew is engaged on the planet. The crew remaining on the ship can provide buffs or provide support from space.

For example. The Science officer stays aboard, manning his post in the Science Lab. Because of this, he can monitor the life signs of his crew members and beam them out of danger and heal them. Or if they become incapacitated, he can beam them out for a shorter respawn time. The engineer could hold a similar role for a crew of robots.

The weapons officer could stay aboard and provide support by working in the weapons bay and either buffing the crew's weapons or maybe even blasting nearby space debris for valuable minerals or fuel to use/sell.

There could even eventually be missions where a planetside objective needs to be completed but squishy enemy ships keep dropping out of warp and need to be fought, requiring at least a partial crew to stay behind and keep the ship from being destroyed.

This idea can easily be expanded upon and opens up a lot of opportunities for some cool features. I appreciate you reading my suggestion.

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Re: [Suggestion] Reasons to keep a ship manned during Ground Mission

Post by Edinstein » Fri Nov 30, 2018 12:06 pm

I agree that we aren't capturing that split party experience you see in Star Trek. One of the reasons we decided not to add mechanics to incentivise this is we think being part of the away team is more engaging. I personally really like the idea and while we could certainly try to make a role or two for players to help the away team from the ship, we'd rather put our resources into improving planet content. Hope that makes sense!

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