Less hud based information/general notification monitors

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Less hud based information/general notification monitors

Post by Ozymandias » Sun Jul 26, 2015 1:29 pm

Basically, what I want is an option for added difficulty, and better immersion for gameplay and roleplay or whatever you want to do with the ship:
No general status screens anywhere on the ship. The little indicators that say (20/20/20/20 QT shield/Shield/Hull) should be removed and given to each respective department's screens/stations. The Hud indicator of your ship AND enemy ship would be removed from the top right.

To evaluate shield damage, the science station would have it on their shield screen. As well as QT shield and O2 status. They would also be able to see the status of the enemy ship on their sensor screen. They could also, as a secondary function, view our own ship's status this way, in an emergency situation.

To evaluate hull damage, it would be indicated on the engineer panel. They would also see reactor status.

To evaluate damage to individual systems, you would have to physically check, and you should be able to tell if a system has been damaged and needs to be checked if you are having reduced performance.

The reason I want to see this:
Is so the Captain has a TRUE reason to be on the ship. Inner-ship coordination would be necessary, and everyone would have a secondary role to monitor ship status and report it to the captain.
Science Officer: Ship detected on sensors off port bow!
Captain: Yellow alert, all hands to stations, shields at full!
Pilot: They appear to be firing!
Science Officer: Shields taking damage, 62%!
Captain: Red alert! Engineer, engage AUX power to shields! Fire weapons at will! Pilot, what kind of weapons were they firing?
Pilot: Physical weapons, sir!
Captain: Science, engage physical shielding, run the shield boost program!
Science: Engaged!
Weapons: AD Warhead away!
Captain: Science, enemy damage?
Science: They've been destroyed! We also took more damage to shields, down to 22%!
Captain: Yellow alert, maintain stations, damage reports. Pilot, move in to salvage the wreckage.
Engineer: Minor hull damage, hull at 95%.
Science: Shields at 40% and charging.
Weapons: All clear, no damage to subsystems.
Captain: I'll be plotting our next course in my room, notify me when our ship is at ready condition and what we salvage.
The point of this is to add more immersion and difficulty, but not to be forced on everyone, it should be as a setting!

TL;DR: Move general information about the ship to each department, as a higher difficulty option, so that it takes more coordination from everyone to work at 100%. This also gives people more jobs and things to do.

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Re: Less hud based information/general notification monitors

Post by feartheway » Sun Jul 26, 2015 4:00 pm

i love screens! would like to see more of them and more information option... but it would be great to try different options like the one suggested of minimal information.

I like the idea of some how rewarding team work and synergy. however sometimes captain needs to check on stations to see they are doing their job and not trolling / derping. Which also needs sanctions like a brig / prison planet.

The captain needs more synergy options in terms of talents and real abilities... like command auras that increase ship speed / damage/ shields / emergency save ability .... by 1 percent to 20 percent depending on level of ability / talent points spent.

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Re: Less hud based information/general notification monitors

Post by LeBoucanier » Tue Jul 28, 2015 6:03 am

Actually, I would not find this very realistic to remove this screen with 20/20/20/20 . Simply because we are in the future, and I believe (and hope) when we will make ships we will have these kind of information :D... It's simply sensors and basic information that you can access everywhere in the ship. Look what you can do today with the internet of things and your smartphone. So for this point I disagree. =3

Also I'm surprised there are no anti-fire system with water !

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Re: Less hud based information/general notification monitors

Post by Cpt_Matt » Wed Jul 29, 2015 5:48 am

I like this idea! Communication is key and a lot of the time I feel like I don't need to ask my crew men any information because I can see most of it all my self.
Also I'm surprised there are no anti-fire system with water !
In regards to that, I would love a damage control screen for the engineer which could show a cross section of the ship and report damaged areas so they could direct repairs.
Water fire suppression systems would be illogical on a starship, however flushing the oxygen out of a room would be a good way to counter a fire.
I think it would be awesome to be able to vent the atmosphere out of certain rooms from a damage control screen which would put out the fires, but the oxygen would have to be pumped back in before people could go in to repair the systems.
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