Pilot Gameplay Suggestions

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Pilot Gameplay Suggestions

Post by JEGG » Tue May 31, 2016 10:06 am

I tend to play Pilot a lot, and I think it could use a little love in terms of gameplay and quality of life.
Here are my thoughts.

High energy turns
I would love to see the addition of a 'thruster capacitor'. A limited pool of power that the pilot could tap into for short boosts to thrusters to execute fast(er) turns.

Thruster power management
Some of the other stations have micro management of energy allocation, I'd like to see the pilot have access to a panel that would give energy management for Main/rotational/translational thrusters, and the thruster capacitor (see above).

Tactical warp jump
Something else for the pilot to manage in combat, a short warp jump in a straight line for a fixed distance. Make it charge up and engage, or tap into a capacitor (see above).

Emergency Jump
I think the pilot should be given access to the emergency jump button while piloting. Basically, give the pilot the ability to hit the oh crap button in the event an encounter turns south.

More information
Even if it's read only, it would be nice to allow the pilot to see the current energy allocations for the ship, temperature, coolant, etc. Something to give the pilot HUD more ship data.

Set and hold a speed
A cruise control switch, so I can set the throttle and exit the piloting station without the ship coming to a stop.

Additional first person camera
I'd love to be able to pilot more from inside the cabin, but that's pretty useless in a fight. I'm not a fan of the 'god view' 3rd person cameras even though they are the best for piloting. It'd be nice to have a first person camera on the hull, like a cupola somewhere on the top of the hull with good sight lines.

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Re: Pilot Gameplay Suggestions

Post by Techman1086 » Wed Jun 01, 2016 4:24 am

I have always liked the pilot not being able to hit the jump. If you give a class the power to do something all on their own, it adds more restriction on communication. It also gives the pilot too much power, being the one that not only report danger but act upon it. It is more challenging to go from pilot to captain to engineer, and that's good.

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