Revive first, then (limited) respawn

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Revive first, then (limited) respawn

Post by subunit » Thu Sep 29, 2016 5:01 pm

Brief play anecdote from last night: Hikkikomori Maru comes out of warp at an ice planet. 1 humanoid lifesign, few others. Excited, the crew goes down in exosuits and gets the quest to get the guy's thermal regulator or whatever. We have to cross a minefield in close file behind the scientist on his scanner (cool!) and make it safely across to the station the part is in. I lead the way into the station and shoot a slime. I enter a room and suddenly, I disappear, I'm spectating someone behind me, and I have the respawn counter. Everyone is confused- what happened? You died? Ok.. come back I guess? I try to jump over the minefield, die, respawn. I sit out the rest of the mission.

-death is often immediate without any chance to react, is handled confusingly (PC disappeared w/o any kind of notification or feedback)
-death/respawn is consequenceless
-death/respawn nevertheless disrupts team play
-food items never became a tactical option

Possible solution:
HP dropping to 0-> player should "die" by collapsing on the floor. Everyone sees them collapse, understands what happened and the likely cause. Player view could be a dimming camera view toward the assailant during this time. The player should have the option to A) remain "dead" in place, or at any time, B) respawn on the ship. If they choose A), the scientist can run over and revive them to full health for free. Anyone else can run over and apply a food item to give that many HP. If they choose B), they consume a "clone" which costs 1 fuel.

It might also be interesting to make the clones a cargo item. This would give a serious boarding advantage to the "Assault Ship" Roland- it's now a troop carrier with up to 40 respawns before the engineer has to go spend fuel to make more. If you made a "body in glass vat" cargo item it could also be used as a contraband item (prisoner? slave?) or a general cargo item (spare military clones/replicants). This might go too far to limit respawn, I don't know.

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