Renaming the Weapons Specialist

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Renaming the Weapons Specialist

Post by CaptainNova » Tue Feb 14, 2017 6:45 pm

It seems so odd that anyone wielding a space cannon would call themselves a "Weapons Specialist". Isn't that so clunky and sterile?

By this same logic, we should call the Scientist the "Information Specialist", the Engineer the "Power Specialist", and the Captain the "Herding-Cats Specialist".

I propose that the Weapons Specialist be renamed the "Gunner". Important to note: this does not connote that they only use handguns. Check out this precedence:

A soldier whose role is using artillery is a "gunner".

A sailor responsible for a ship's cannons is a "gunner".

And a member of an aircrew operating a machine gun or auto-cannon is a "gunner".

Bonus: a Guns N' Roses fan is called a Gunner. And we all know that any red-blooded turret-rider is humming "Welcome to the Jungle" while they blow WD pirates out of the sky.

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Re: Renaming the Weapons Specialist

Post by obliviondoll » Thu Feb 16, 2017 3:16 pm

Alternative solution: Rip off Star Trek some more and have "Tactical Officers". You're more than just a gunner, too. Missiles/nukes/possible alternative weapon systems can come into your role.

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