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The Long Road to Help

Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:31 pm
by Rosarium

this is my first step into this forum and my first attempt to be somehow useful to this amazing project. Thanks.

i've been making some suggestions on steam but now and here the thing will be more accurate and will be "logical" wired to the game.

every time you encounter a planet, and if your ship is right fitted, you can perform a specific scan to find other secondary teleportations/interest points. Those spots could be visible on the planet surface from you ships. Spots should be random generated and randomly composed. Spots should have a triangular difficult factor.

how to make the scans?
-the planet scan should be done with another frequency, let's say a Multifrequency scanner that have to be added to the ship. Scientist can perform scans and reveal results on monitors.

how to create a random generation and composition?
-well this would take a while to be performed, but let's try do find a way to be done: Have some easy 3D planets scenarios, huge ones. let's create a list of generable objects. let's place on 3D planets scenarios X number of possible generations points called "attachments". let's do a system that pick random "attachments" and place as fist object a teleport, than randomly place something or nothing.
objects could be small bases, with random people who could give you secondary missions, interplanetary or planetary ones. if an "A" is created must be created a "B" and a "C" too, in example.

this could be a really empty spot in a desert with nothing but a little abandoned building placed 20km away from the teleport. (unlucky turn)
OR a desert with 2 bases and a spaceport with a lot of secondary missions.

Re: The Long Road to Help

Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:49 pm
by Rosarium
2) Space Variables:

this is a simple suggestion on how should be a "warp-out"

Now once you de-warp you are always close to the main objects and encounters. This should change to a more massive use you gameplay. Seeking spots, ships and stations should be done. Even here a random generator could be really useful. Objects, situations, events should be there even if not detected and found 100km away. Every small rocks should be transformed in something to interact to. finding you away from a small battle and try to open coms to decide how to act with it. Being warped out in the middle of 4 firing drones is not so cool. should be possible but a really unfortunate jump, not almost a constant. There should be way to approach sneaky, and a sensor which reveal if you has been spotted. 5 humans crew need really more things to do while in space to remain occupied and not being annoyed. Rising the complexity of the jobs will rise the level of the game.

Re: The Long Road to Help

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:39 pm
by Edinstein
Secondary teleportation sites would be interesting and add a lot to planet exploration. It might not be a direction we go in for the sake of time, but we do agree, it could add a lot.

We've done some random generation on planets, especially those implemented at the start of the game's development, although the variations were somewhat limited. Since then, we've been moving away from random generation in favor of more hand-crafted planets (random generation can make creating missions trickier), but we might add back in more random variation to planets later. We'll see. Either way, revamping planets is something we'd really like to do before the final release.

We've considered having players warp into some sectors a distance from space objects or enemies. Beta 17 changed how sensors work and distance plays a bigger factor in finding ships, which may help.

Thank you for the suggestions! We appreciate the feedback.

Re: The Long Road to Help

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:48 pm
by Rosarium
Well i simply love the long walks on planets (seeking the right way should me more and more hard personally) and the sense of emptiness bring me to walk more and explore.... i'd love more if it will result more rewarding (creatures, NPCs, Resources, towns, objects etc etc...).

and i keep congratulate for the amazing atmosphere each planet brings.