Several suggestions to improve the game

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Several suggestions to improve the game

Post by Brakiri » Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:33 pm


so far i like what i see but with some major "buts":

1. The mission were you have to fight 2 ships at once, the Terminus and another ship which name i can't remember is far to difficult. If you don't use a nuclear device, i have no idea how this mission is archivable.

2. Please for the love of god SAVE my control config! Everytime i start the game, we are back to default.
Why is it so difficult to load the last used control scheme?

3. Please save my crew config. If i use robots, my choice. Every time i load the game i have to add bots and their skill points from scratch.
That's just plain annoying! I think this can easily be fixed.

4. Reduce the difficulty of the shock drones. I have no idea what they are, but i stumble upon them randomly and my ship gets blown to bits, before i can escape. WTF?

5. Please differentiate the "neutral faction" more. Why do i have to pay extra for stuff from neutral traders when i defend myself vs. ships that are part of this omnious "neutral faction" but attack me for no reason? That's garbage. I've done nothing to the traders, and if pirates of sorts attack me and i destroy them, why blame me?

6. Please save my equipment loadout as well. Every time i start the game i have to reconfig my loadout. My heavy beam pistol is in my loadout for a reason. Why do i have to walk to the captains quarters to add the weapon at every load?

7. Please add trade or mining or both. The randomness of events makes it difficult to earn some cash without reloading (because i get blown to bits for no reason).
This could be reduced by adding some peaceful cash-earning opportunities like mining and trading to the game.

8. Add personal armor to the game. It is extremly frustrating if you play with bots (because to be frank, noone is playing the game at the moment) and try to enter an enemy vessel and you get blown to bits by lighting-fast enemies.

I hope you read this, because i see a lot of potential in the game but there are still major issues with balance, randomness, config saving, peaceful cash earning etc.
Maybe in a few month i come back to the game.

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Re: Several suggestions to improve the game

Post by Alaric » Sun May 14, 2017 6:56 am

1-3. Agree.
4. Our crew hasn't yet encountered them so can't comment on that.
5-6. Agree.
7. Mining especially should be easily achievable with modifying Extractor to be able mine all those crystal asteroids there are in many places. I was actually hoping this would have been possible already.. Edit crystal asteroids with "Target" modifier and give random amount of mineral. Repeat few times until asteroid becomes depleted of good quality crystals and remove "Target".
8. Hmm.. Although it might be somewhat cool idea, i dont know how it would fit with the theme of the game. Very fast everyone would be dressing as battle mechs if this would be implemented. Unless they penalize with very slow movement speed to dicourage overuse. Maybe personal shield instead..?

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