Just some minor things that are hopefully in release

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Just some minor things that are hopefully in release

Post by GodSmoko » Tue May 09, 2017 9:28 am

Shop menu needs to be a bit more organized, its a hot mess right now unless your captain knows whats up it can get pretty confusing quick, a tab system or at least headers for each new sagment would be nice.
Captain getting a quick run down screen like what weapons cool downs are at, warp engine status and one of those displays that shows the status of the ship and subsystems. Like on the stargazer captain has a status screen in his bedroom, instead of a spot where its visable from the captains chair.
I'm torn on gun placement on ships, as having them in one spot adds the difficulty for the pilot and requires that communacation between pilot and gunner, but having a spaceship with all the guns on the top seems dumb for a space ship planner to do, so not really sure what to make of it...
Audio bugs seem to be rampant in some peoples games, where no one can use mics not really sure what thats about but can be pretty fustrating at times.
I love this game a lot and it has a lot of promise, Dev team should be proud of what they done so far as this is a really enjoyable experience so far and a good way to meet new people.

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Re: Just some minor things that are hopefully in release

Post by Alaric » Sun May 14, 2017 6:42 am

Yes, even basic system like the ship has: Basics, Computer, Weapons, would help alot.

And agree, the captain could decide when installing the weapon, where to install it. Different slots in "Ship/Weapons" menu would say where it it's going to be installed. Balance-wise, putting one turret on top and one below, would increase potential damage area, but would decrease potential damage so there is trade-off. For those who are afraid it would make combat trivial..

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