RPG Interaction

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RPG Interaction

Post by DaddyLongDong » Sat May 13, 2017 7:33 pm

So far, really digging this game, but the only downside I'm finding is the lack of interaction inside of your ship. I really enjoy RP'ing, especially with awesome space-oriented games like this. But unfortunately, there is a lack of interaction on the ship with things like the chairs in the lounge, your bed, the showers, any of the chairs in the ship in general, etc.

I feel like adding the ability to use these items/furniture/appliances would really immerse players into getting an all-around space RPG experience. My crew seems to feel the same way, but we all figured that given how new this game is, it might come in a later update; but just to make sure, I wanted to give my two-cents :D

Thanks a ton, look forward to seeing more updates and more neat things!

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Re: RPG Interaction

Post by Alaric » Sun May 14, 2017 6:25 am

Agree completely. It wouldn't have to complex things, even small things add immersion (Mass effect: use trash compactor or flush toilet). Also would be nice to have non-static things in computer screens. Randomly rotating hi-tech mumbo jumbo in tech areas etc would be nice!

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