Captain Additions

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Captain Additions

Post by JonBon » Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:17 am

Assign Responsibilities
Reasoning: Free up the captain, allow others to control what they are good at
Explanation: See thread ... f=4&t=3821

Captain’s Commands
Existing Commands:
  • Related Talent - Command Structure: Lengthens time that bonuses last
    Reasoning: In game benefit to using the command functions, allow better cooperation.
    Explanation: Each command could grant stat bonuses to the crew and or have effects linked to them.
  • At Ease - Very small regeneration on everyone when not in combat.
  • Status Update - Ship and class specific status screens glow/flash slightly
  • Hide From Sensors - Lower Ship Signature, and Crew Detectability by npc’s
  • Stay Close to Captain - Small increase to all stats for crew nearby, large boost to captain.
  • Offensive Attack - Increase outgoing damage
  • Abandon Ship - Lower stamina consumption while on ship
  • Board The Enemy - Increase movement speed while in combat on an enemy ship
  • Repel Invaders - Lower incoming damage while on ship
New Commands:
  • Regroup/Man your Stations - Small movement speed boost during combat.
  • Surrender - Allies receive concealed weapon Force weapons to go offline, if enemy accepts shields are dropped.
    Reasoning: Allow a winning ship to be outsmarted, overpower boarding crew and teleport over to their ship while their shields are down.
  • Prepare for Away Mission - increases movement speed on ship while not in combat.
    Reasoning: Signify that the crew should prepare for an away mission,
  • Down Time - Doubles effects of sleep Unlocks ship based games (if toggled)
    Reasoning: Signify that the crew is on down time, use for afks.
  • Explore - Non combat movement speed boost
    Reasoning: Signify that the away team is free to openly explore, allow faster quest gathering.
  • Await New Orders - Lower crew movement speed if in the same zone as captain, and if the captain is not moving as well, and if no one is engaged in combat.
    Reasoning: Signify the crew should be at the ready until captain decides next action
Talent Ideas
  • Mentor - Increases crew experience
  • Zealot - Increase Reputation Earned
  • Tactical Minor - Increase Turret damage by 5%
  • Navigation Minor - Reduce Engine Energy Cost by 5%
  • Scientific Minor - Reduce Signature Increase and Power Cost of Scans by 5%
  • Engineering Minor - Increase Core output by 5%

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Re: Captain Additions

Post by Edinstein » Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:54 pm

Hey JonBon, thanks for the suggestions! These are some really cool ideas. Usually orders don't affect things like crew speed, as they're mostly meant to direct crew and AI behavior. But it is interesting to have bonuses based on the current order. As it is right now, those sorts of bonuses are just left to the talents. Speaking of which, your suggestions for talents are really great! Thank you! We'll keep these in mind.

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