Ship Interactions - Function and Mini-Games

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Ship Interactions - Function and Mini-Games

Post by JonBon » Fri Jul 21, 2017 9:53 pm

Damage Preventing Operations
Each section could remove usability to specific systems based on receiving a certain overall damage.
Engineering: At 50% or lower Teleporters stop working, 10% or lower can’t prep warp
Science Lab: At 50% or lower Scanners stop working, 10% or lower Atrium stops
Weapons: At 50% or lower missiles stop working 10% or lower secondary turrets offline
Engines: At 50% or lower warp can no longer be initiated, 10% or lower, no rotate or backwards

Aesthetic Damage
Reasoning: Fun, more function for warp time, more mission parameters
Explanation: Repeat damage to the ship over time, even if fully repaired could eventually cause cosmetic damage to the interior of the ship. Allowing/forcing players to use the repair tool to remove the damage. The interior cosmetic damage could even cause reputation reduction if ranking npcs are spoken to, or prevent/allow certain mission access. IE: a race that values aesthetics won't deal with an poorly maintained ship’s people, were as junk traders might respect the lack of aesthetic care, and offer better missions, or values on deals etc.

-Crew Opinions-
Communications Opinions
Reasoning: Allow crew to easily voice their opinion without a mic or type, more collaboration
Explanation: Crew may select from communication based options which prompts a colored marker on the option representing their class suggesting that selection. The captain would then see markers from each class on the available options and can consider them as recommendations of which action to take.

Ship Upgrade Opinions
Reasoning: Allow crew to recommend ship upgrades, speed buying process, allows crew a say in regulating their own upgrades and a reason to check ship equipment.
Explanation: In the shop window non captain crew are prompted with a ‘suggest’ rather than ‘buy’ button. When toggled the item in question is highlighted in the shop window for all to see, and the crew is prompted with a message that X crew class has recommended a ship upgrade.

Brig and Reprimands
Reasoning: Punish Griefers and non team players, allow captain to control narrative on multiple choices and punish other choices, can be used for mission to transport high profile criminal, or captured wanted people, plays well into RP.
Explanation: Allow a captain to reprimand a player a minimum of 3 times before placing in the brig. Reprimands can not be given unless X amount of missions or Y amount of warps have passed as well as require at least 1 crew member to recommend the reprimand. Crew members are sent to the brig for Z amount of warps, and do not receive crew experience while in the brig, while also their inventory placed into their locker (allows the captain to remove items if desired).

-Crew Quarters-
Reasoning: Cures certain ailments, can be used for an ironman mode sleep meter.
Explanation: rest meter indicates how much rest in minutes is required, and is count in real time, and skipped warp time (prompting players to sleep during warp).

Personal Log
Allow the crew to write personal logs, possibly allow some way to export system for the game to post personal logs in some kind of neat format.

Personnel File
Shows your personnel file, with any addendums the captain may have added. Along with any stat changes, ailments received, current items in your locker. Personnel Files could also be used during certain missions as npc dialog filler, or requirements to get missions.
Captain would be able to see the personnel files of all other crew from his quarters/area, choose if players could see their own or not, and if they could see other player’s files.
Displays the amount of;
Missions and items you personally picked up, handed in. Enemies you were the defeating blow on, Damage Dealt and received, Times teleported, Ships invaded/captured/shutdown, etc.

Mission Reports (At Each Relevant Station)
Reasoning: Allow individual class based information to be stored and displayed
Explanation: Each station would have a report computer to display information to be relayed back to the captain.
Captain: Display 1 report screen at a time if desired from the captain area.
Tactical: Enemies defeated, and allies respawned during away missions and combat situations.
Engineering: Instances of core temp being yellow or red, coolant used during each engagement
Science: Research material amount found on each away mission
Pilot: Count of found and missed ship pickups after destruction

Captain’s Area
Display Station
A screen or screens (depending on ship) that can swap between different forms of display.
Related Item - Captain’s Display: Allows different systems to be displayed depending on display type. Higher tier displays allow swapping between multiple windows (allows ships with multiple displays to be customized by the captain to aid or monitor specific part of specific areas.

A Second Seat
Reasoning: Allow an officer to work entirely from the captain’s screens if displayed correctly
Explanation: A secondary seat that can view and access the captain’s display screen(s) when a player is seated in it. Allow captain to assign crew capable of sitting in ‘first officer’s chair’.

Pilot’s Station
Jr Pilot Seat
Reasoning: Allow pilot to be taught, or to teach others, allow captain to watch from nav’s pov.
Explanation: An additional chair allowing second person to see the same view as the pilot, and control if the pilot toggles as such, or if the pilot exits his seat.

Tactical Maneuver Designing
Reasoning: More Control, More coordination between captain, tactical and pilot.
Related Talent - Maneuver Speeds: Higher speeds during maneuvers
Explanation: Allow the pilot to record X amount of maneuvers. When recording is triggered, the flight path of the ship is logged as flight path 1,2,3,etc. Once recorded the flight path can be triggered as a ‘ghost trail’ type version in order for the pilot and tactical officer to see the planned course and function together. This would allow the captain, pilot and tactical officer to design maneuvers before battles, and have them called out during battles in order to coordinate better.

Plot Course
If the captain never gets the ability to dole out his unique game functions to other crew, then at the very least he should be able to allow the pilot to plot course. This could make the pilot feel far more involved in the team, knowing what missions to do in what order, paying attention to sectors etc.

Engineering Station
Systems Power Distributions Display
A screen that shows all 4 areas (science, engineer lab, weapons, engines) power distribution so the engineer can request alterations from each section.

-Mess Hall-
Reasoning: Allow easier sharing/distribution of food
Explanation: A place to put food items in the mess hall

Games Table
See thread ... f=4&t=3914

Allow captain to sit down, issue commands, and interact with the crew in a locked camera view that can be changed by button press.

Music Player
Music player that plays audio data files found around the world. Audio tracks are simply the soundtrack to the game.

-Captain’s Room/Area/Console/Log (Captain)-
Ship Simulation Training/Combat Drills
Reasoning: Fun, More Interactions, literal training, can unlock a special rank
Explanation: A series of training simulations the computer can run, trigger by the captain, which holographically simulate different scenarios. The graphics of the events do not need to appear ‘holographic’ in nature, as in blue see-through, they can mere be explained as such and look otherwise real. The training system could allow preset training simulations with time scores, performing well and completing them could up the crew’s ‘fleet’ ranking for fleet related missions at whichever HQ they hail from, or neutral area high rank missions etc.
Individual Settings for Captain to Trigger;
Holo-Fires: Simulates a fire break out in selected areas at selected magnitudes.
Holo-Invaders: Simulates the ship being invaded.
Holo-Ship(s): Simulate a ship or multiple ships attacking the ship
Sim-Invade: Simulates invading an enemy ship
Sim-Sys-Damage: Simulates damage to specific systems, either once or over time.
Sim-Comp-Attack: Simulates multiple types of attacks on the ship’s computer system
Sim-Core-Break: Simulates a core break, while active prevents literal core ejection.
Sim-Combat: Simulates a ship combat with all the frills of the other holo and sim systems.

General Training
Stun Tag: While this exercise is active one allied player becomes ‘it’ and is able to shoot other players. When successful the player receives no damage but becomes ‘it’. Players may stun each other while not ‘it’, with stuns having a period of immune after cleared. Time matches are won by players with the most points. Players gain 1 point for stunning another player, and 2 points for giving away ‘it’, while losing 1 point for becoming ‘it’.
Core Capture: Crewmates divide into 2 teams. The team of 3 must defend the core from capture, and the team of 2 must try and capture the core. Each team is provided with a shared allotment of respawns, and teleport into their respective zones upon reviving.

Away-Team Simulated Training/Combat Drills
VR connected to the transporter systems, allows teleporting into a virtual reality training simulation when activated by the captain.

Captain Style
Allows the Captain to choose from 3 methods
1. Self Regulated - Current System, anyone can teleport at any time
2. Away Teams - Captain Can designate Away Teams, and Boarding Teams. Then when each member has ‘Readied up’ on the teleporter pad console, the captain or a delegated crew member (with permissions set) can initiate the teleport.
If the Captain issues the command ‘Board the Enemy’ The boarding team would be able to initiate transport.
3. Delegate - Identical to number 2 option, except the captain chooses someone else to have the responsibility of designing away teams.
Option 2 and 3 would allow the selection of an away team leader. This would allow 1 person to be in control of the direction of the away team, and allow variance in mission styles to necessitate a different leader.

-Science Lab (Science Class)-
Multipurpose Analysis Program
Reasoning: Mini Game, Give function and reasoning to crew not on away missions, as well as a method to determine who might need to stay behind.
Explanation: Certain mission items would require further analysis by a specific class relating to the item type. When acquired, the mission item would be teleported to the ship, with missions hinting or out right telling the crew to expect analysis to be needed. This would prompt the crew mate needed to stay behind on the ship to play a mini-game while away team continues the rest of the mission (always leaving away team stuff to do while one crew mate runs the scans).

Molecularly Assisted Nutrient Assembly System
Reasoning: Create food on the ship, further reasoning for a pantry, science crafting
Related Talent: Science Officer - Lowers charge cost of food by 1, max 2 points spent.
Related Talent: All - Lower negative effects from synthesized food
Explanation: Comes with only rations creatable, allows decompiling of food in order to add that type to the assembler. Food Assembler would be a ship equippable item, each assembler would hold X amount of charges, and thus only be able to make food costing that many charges or less. Better food assemblers would allow for better quality food to be made. Assembler is fed charges for cores from engineering.
Could also allow finding of molecular food blueprints, which would bypass the need to scan the food in question.

Biomass Manipulation
Reasoning: More Control, Mini Game
Edit food replication via amino acids, etc.
Control soil moisture, acidity, and nutrient count.

-Fabrication & Assembly Bay (Engineer)-
Utility Locker
Reasoning: Shared locker space anyone can access for ease of item swapping.
Explanation: somewhere to put extra items to be sold by the next person able to, a place to store extra scanners (or similar invented items) if no one wants at present, and not all have one.

Fabrication and Assembly Systems
Reasoning: Crafting Ship Pieces
Related Talent - Fabrication: Engineer - Each point allows an additional level on an item when fabricating, max 2 points spent.
Explanation: Allow ship pieces to be placed within the Fabrication Bay for scanning. Scanning would take X amount of warp jumps, depending on value of item being scanned. Once a piece of equipment is scanned, it can then be fabricated from the Fabrication Bay.
An engineer’s level in Fabrication would determine how many levels above a blueprint they would be able to craft. Crafting a blueprint would take Core charges based on equipment type, value and levels added.

-Tactical Office (Weapons Officer)-
Weapon Rack
Reasoning: Allow easier shared weapons/stocking, place to put customized weapons
Explanation: A simple weapons rack accessible by everyone.

Weapons Alteration Table
Reasoning: Customization, Further use for Weapon Rack
Related Talent - Wep Alteration:

Target Practice
Reasoning: Practice with weapons, test different weapons
Target’s appear and are shot for points, time is kept.
A ball is generated and flies around for a time, shooting it generates points.

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Re: Ship Interactions - Function and Mini-Games

Post by Edinstein » Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:17 pm

We have a bit of system instances decreasing efficiency when damaged, but shutting down specific functions at certain health levels is certainly interesting. As for aesthetic damage, I personally would love to have it on the ships! Whether or not that makes it in the game or not is up in the air right now, though.

Back in the day, we discussed having a way for players to visually vote on choices in order to help the captain form a decision about how to approach an encounter or which component to purchase. We figured it might not be used often if not everyone was around to vote, and it could be redundant with mic or chat taken into account. It's interesting to see someone suggest something similar, though! As for the brig, it's definitely a clever way to reprimand players through roleplaying and would offer a lot of great RP opportunities. However, it's a lot to build, and it's a bit outside the cooperative nature of the game. If a player is being unreasonable, they should probably be kicked. For some time now, we've also wanted the ability to transport NPCs for missions, but we're not sure if we'll add something like that yet.

We would really like to add more of a purpose to the crew quarters, be it benefits from sleeping, eating, playing a game in the lounge, or otherwise. This would probably include the mess hall as well. There is a ship log, but as you've implied, it unfortunately doesn't show the players' individual stats.

We've wanted to add some screens around the captain's chair for a while! It's something we've discussed on several occasions, but we haven't reached any decisions. No guarantees just yet.

Some ships have these viewport station meshes embedded into the wall, while we haven't gotten around to hooking them up they should end up allowing players to access a piloting view (orbiting the ship, looking around) while using them, helping the pilot spot potential threats or just getting a better idea of what's happening outside of the ship.

Having the engineer somehow see the power distributions of each ship system is an interesting idea. We'll keep it in mind!

We'd like to have players be able to interact with beds and chairs so the crew can sit down and discuss things but it's not an easy thing to implement. It's kind of on our wish list of something to try and tackle if we get an opening in our schedule. I personally wouldn't mind having a collection of "in-universe" tracks to play in bars and taverns. Not sure what you mean by briefings and a locked camera view, but we're pretty hesitant to restrict player and camera movement in general.

Ship simulation and training and holographic / vr training in general is interesting. We are planning on having an in-game tutorial with an "academy" flavor so something might show up there!

As for the scientist suggestions, we prefer if the whole crew participates on away missions, as we think that people who stay on the ship aren't really going to be that engaged otherwise. We're also pretty hesitant about crafting systems, those can tend to spiral out of control. We have the research system which may be as close as we get. The Fluffy Biscuit company may have some means of producing biscuits though. They are the next faction to be added to the game.

Having a shared locker is a cool concept. I "think" you may be able to use the atomizer temporarily, but it's dangerous of course since someone might be a jerk and destroy it all.

I can see some ships having a target practice area or mini game thing, I could also see the weapons and engineer being able to improve or temporarily buff weapons and equipment, but it's difficult to tell if those will happen!

Thanks for the suggestions as always! We appreciate it!

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