Tutorial/Training - Replay Famous Missions

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Tutorial/Training - Replay Famous Missions

Post by JonBon » Sat Jul 29, 2017 1:48 pm

Reasoning: I read that the devs were working on a tutorial, I thought I’d make some suggestions.

Explanation: Would take place in a instanced section of space, allowing linear progression.
Have a 1 player tutorial where the player takes the role of captain on a ship with no other conscious crew. Each interaction could be triggered by completing the previous goal, this would allow players plenty of time to read on screen prompts of what to do next, examine interface, check controls in menus, etc. Functions could be locked until explained, piloting, weapons, etc. Forcing the player to learn each section in broad strokes before continuing, preventing skipping sections of the mission.

Mission Briefing: This exercise is used as a final test of a captain’s ability to succeed under even the most dire of circumstances.
Captain, you enter this training simulation based on the personal logs, filed reports and briefings relating to the [name] incident, of one Sebastian R. Crane Captain of the Bocavil.
With the ship having sustained heavy damage, and the crew including its captain all infected with an unknown virus by invaders, you find yourself with a limited memory and your crew unconscious. Using the ship’s computer to assist you step by step, you must work fast in getting yourself and your crew out of peril.
  1. Put the Fires out
  2. Put on an Exosuit
  3. Reboot the Computer
  4. Repair the systems
  5. Increase power to the ship’s systems from engineering
  6. Turn Oxygen on and remove exosuit
  7. Turn coolant on Low
  8. Remove weapon from locker
  9. Repel the Invader
  10. Inject a core to science lab from engineering to power the antivirus program
  11. Use the antivirus program from science station on bridge then turn off coolant.
  12. Scan the enemy ship to find no life signs
  13. Teleport aboard to claim the ship
  14. Reclaim original ship, and extract the desired piece (100% chance, only one thing)
  15. Use helm to move the ship into weapons alignment
  16. Use weapons on the ship while their shields are down.
  17. Assign bots to the stations, and spend talent points.
  18. Plot course and warp to next sector for repairs
  19. Fight off enemy ship, observe a station or man a turret.
  20. Open Communications, find out its abandoned repair station.
  21. Teleport over, fight off attackers and activate the repair station
  22. Pilot into Repair Station and receive repairs by opening communications and dropping shields
  23. Warp to Inter Galactic Warp Gate, and warp to next sector.
  24. Receive long range communications from HQ and money for upgrades
  25. Open communication with tradestation outside warp gate and upgrade ship’s engines
I think any other tutorial type stuff should be in game and be training of some kind, to teach cooperation. But the above idea would allow each player to understand each role better, as well as what a captain can control, and is responsible for, which should allow them to choose the class they think best suits them.
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Re: Tutorial/Training - Replay Famous Missions

Post by Calladium » Sun Jul 30, 2017 1:09 am

If they are planning on making a tutorial, this seems like a good framework. It seems to cover most of the implemented mechanics as they stand.

If I had to decide though, I would much rather have a comprehensive manual than a good tutorial.

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Re: Tutorial/Training - Replay Famous Missions

Post by Edinstein » Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:20 pm

This would be a really cool structure for a tutorial! We haven’t begun working on the tutorial yet, as we’re waiting until the game is closer to release and all the mechanics have been finalized. The tutorial is based on a Kickstarter promise we made and will be called the Academy. This idea could certainly work within the concept of the Academy, though. Thank you, we appreciate the suggestion!

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