Improved Weapons Smuggling Mission

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Improved Weapons Smuggling Mission

Post by Calladium » Sun Jul 30, 2017 1:05 am

These are some ideas I had to use currently in-game mechanics to make the A.O.G. Weapons Smuggle mission better. I like this mission, but I see more potential.

I don't know the quest giver, but this is the "Smuggling" mission given to you by a woman on a platform in the central hallway of the estate. You are told to rendevous with a WD ship that is selling a shipment of weapons to the A.O.G. on the down low. When you arrive, the WD ship tells you to purge your shields so they can transport the weapons over. I think there is an RNG chance that when you purge your shield they will attack, not sure. If I find out more of the mechanics of the mission, I will edit this post (if anyone else know more about this mission please post as well, I will add it to OP).


I quite often feel that the review rep button is under utilized and often forget about it at the only time it is useful (if you have caused a friendly ship to become hostile and you have good rep w/ their faction). The RNG chance for the WD ship to attack when shields are purged should be affected by your WD rep. Also, revealing your rep should act as a multiplier for this (if you're not revealed they only kinda know who you are; if you're revealed they know your entire history with their faction...kinda like showing a passport). I don't know if there is already an RNG chance of hostility, but I think the best way for it to work would be to have it checked every x amount of seconds so that the longer you hang around, the higher chance of getting duped.


This would be a great chance to use the new boarding AI. Instead of just purging shields, they should ask to board. It would be great if they said something fishy sounding about having to check to make sure your cargo area is prepped properly because the weapons are volatile.

There could even be different excuses for boarding (tied to a variety of base hostility chances, giving players a chance to learn more or less dangerous situations). This could also be an opportunity to use the intimidate or persuasion check to refuse boarding and/or purging.

If the players board they WD ship, they should be able to find and steal the weapons shipment. If they can get it and get out without paying; extra xp, rep, and money rewards


This could be another place to use persuasion and/or intimidate; have a the captain negotiate the price.

With no Pers/Int check, you make the deal as planned (Regular xp and $ reward)

With a successful Pers check, you get a good deal and pocket the change ( Slight incr. xp and Moderate incr. in $ reward)

With a successful Int check, you scare them into giving you weaps for free (they warp out, slight incr. xp and Severe incr. in $ reward)

With failed Pers check, they play you like a used car dealer (reg xp and a Moderate decr. in $ and Rep reward for losing face)

With failed Int check, they give you 15-30 secs to hand over x amount of cash or they blow up your ship. If you give em the cash they give you another 15-30 to leave the sec. or they blow up your ship (Severe decr. in xp, no $ reward, and Slight loss of Rep)

These are just some ideas for creative ways to use mechanics we already have to make, imo, more interactive and narrative missions. I would love to hear comments, criticisms, and suggests as they relate to this mission or mission mechanics in general.

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Re: Improved Weapons Smuggling Mission

Post by JonBon » Sun Jul 30, 2017 1:27 pm

I agree with the integration of the diplomacy and intimidation checks, as well as the condition suggestions for boarding. I think stuff like that can make a mission feel different each time it's played on multiple play throughs. That can help players who join others not feel as bored when repeating content. It further rewards a captain for picking the intimidate and diplomacy talents, as well as encourages the crew to request that they are taken if they decide to do smuggling missions.

I also had some suggestions related to smuggling that I had yet to post. Just some general ideas, but I figured I'd post them here.

Human Contraband
Reasoning: Smuggling humans that are criminals allows for more ‘evil’ smuggling, and smuggling humans that are persecuted allows ‘good’ smuggling missions. ‘Good’ and ‘evil’ missions being given by the respectively appropriate factions.
Explanation: Smuggle the illegal people (psychics, criminals, etc) from the persecuting planet to a safe haven.

Medical Supplies through Trade Embargo
Reasoning: Allow more non ‘evil’ based smuggling missions
Explanation: Simple smuggling mission, like a weapon smuggling mission, except not ‘evil’ per se. Would revolve around getting medical supplies to a colony that was in dire need, but being blocked by a trade embargo between two neighboring planets (them being caught in the middle).

Locate, Acquire, Deliver
Reasoning: A mission type for smuggling, could be peppered into mission chains.
Explanation: Random Number Generated(RNG) item required to be found by the crew, obtained (method of obtaining also RNG), and then smuggled (delivered) to the client. Some items would require looting a ship via boarding, others would be simply purchased at a shop, found on a planet, traded for another item via npc, etc.

The Cartel/Syndicate(concept)
Fill in for a missing bagman for the cartel, starts mission chain and reputation gain

If spotted by or speak to an officer, are contacted afterwards by command about being on an irreputable world during an illegal transaction (known by informants), and will receive a warning and minor reputation loss. Each mission having a similar set of circumstances, forcing players to use back entrances to buildings, wait for nightfall, etc, ultimately resulting in complete reputation loss if caught/known for being a smuggler for the cartel. Otherwise if notoriety can be kept down, the crew can work as both a cartel smuggler and whatever other faction they choose.
Being contacted by command could also prompt a diplomatic or intimidation option in order to quell suspicion.

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Re: Improved Weapons Smuggling Mission

Post by Edinstein » Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:20 pm

(Response from the writer)

From what I can recall, there should not be a random chance for the W.D. ship to attack, just a risk based on the in-world context of the mission. However, I agree that it would be much more interesting if the interaction with the ship was affected by the players’ reputation with W.D.

The reveal rep button has been a little wonky in recent updates, but I intend to add reveal crew rep as an option within all ship dialog so that the ships will respond appropriately after you reveal your reputation. Right now, the dialog can sometimes be broken or not make sense after rep is revealed. I’ll probably be making this change in an update in the somewhat near future. Once I work on that, I can certainly revisit the ship actor for this mission and change his dialog to accommodate more reputation options. At that point, I could take a look at adding more persuasion/intimidation/haggling options as well. I’ll make a note of it! Thanks for the input!

As for expanding the mission to boarding, we don’t currently have a way to do it through our mission system. A lot of missions would benefit from custom code, but it’s a goal for a later date right now. The Lost Colony mission line will likely have the most custom code. We do have an inspection bot from the CU Inspection Stations, so perhaps there’s a way we can use that system in missions like these. I can discuss it with the team!

Thanks for the suggestions, JonBon. We don’t have systems for some of these right now, like transporting humans (unless we put them in components like we did with the cryo chamber). But they’re great ideas that we’ll keep in mind!

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