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Thu Aug 24, 2017 3:55 pm

  • I've heard a couple times now that people would like to see larger crews of 10 people on larger ships. However, we can't simply make it so there is 2 of every class. So I sat down and came up with this idea.

    What is stopping Pulsar from adding small ships, like fighter crafts, into the game? This would make space battles much more interesting and much more intense. A new ship class or modifications to existing ships would need to be made which would include a hanger bay which houses the fighters. Fighters could be upgraded and repaired in the hangers and launched from them. These ships could house 3 fighter pilots who would then be able to fly these crafts. This talent would be unlock able by the other crew members as well. There talent points would be similar to that of the existing pilot, however, they would be tailored to fighters. That takes care of 2 to 3 of the 5 additional players.

    I have also been noticing that Pulsar is starting to place more of an emphases on boarding ships. This brings me to the next new class, the marine. The marine would be the only class that starts with a rifle, yes a rifle. This new weapon class would require a talent point to unlock for the other classes, and would do more damage and be more accurate than typical pistols. The marine's talent points would make the currently bulky and hard to use, and almost useless, exo-suits into more powerful combat suits. One the talents would be powered exo-suits. This talent would increase the carrying capacity, and movement speed of the marine to a max of 50 additional weight and 100% movement speed increase while wearing an exo-suit. The next talent would be armoured exo-suit. This talent would add a damage soak ability to the marine which would absorb up to 50% of the damage dealt again only when the marine is wearing an exo-suit. Each ship would be able to house 2 marines. Any more than that and I think they would become too powerful, after all we aren't trying to start wars are we?

    Well there's my idea for an additional 5 players. Feel free to put your thoughts and comments below. If you have any other ideas for more classes feel free to post those too.
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Fri Aug 25, 2017 6:38 pm

  • Thank you for the suggestions! We’ve considered adding something like a fighter jet into the game. There are no guarantees we’ll add it at this time, and it may not feature a different class, but it’s certainly something we’ve been discussing. As far as bigger crews go, PULSAR was designed from the ground up to be a five-player game, so it’s unlikely that we’ll add more classes or players. However, we have discussed making a specialty ship that could be played with a much larger crew. We don’t have any plans to add it yet, but we might look into it towards the end of development. The marine sounds like an interesting class though, and I like the idea of talents regarding ExoSuits! Thanks again for the suggestions!
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Tue Aug 29, 2017 4:22 am

  • I'd like to second this suggestion. A marine class who specializes in non-ship combat would totally be useful. Larger crews and fighters could be done I think you just have ships that sit in the cargo bay or in an instanced room and players could hit R on them to teleport into space, and fly up to the ship and press R to dock/teleport back on. I think fighters would be a way to get more people in. In my discord we have like 35 people and everyone plays this game but we can't play all together :(. Considering the roland is way too big for just 5 people the extra marine crew makes sense there too, you have a dedicated turret and boarding party which makes sense on a battleship

    edit: in response to the dev post here, (much respect, papa bless) what about having that specialty ship a real carrier? Our current carrier is a cargo ship, but a real specialized carrier that houses fighters and more crew, would be awesome!
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Thu Dec 14, 2017 12:24 pm

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