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Suggestions Megathread (START HERE)

Post by JonBon » Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:36 pm

The following is a list of most suggestions made, and organized by category. This has been created to help avoid duplicate suggestions in order to save the time of the posters and ultimately the developers from having to respond to something already posted.
Listed items with (parenthesized) words are added to help understand post content beyond the thread title, and likely require an in depth read to understand content.
Please do not post suggestions directly to this thread, replies here should be regarding broken links, or missing content.
If you have an idea, locate the appropriate section your idea likely is a part of and read the thread to see if everything you're about to suggest has already been suggested. If your idea isn't completely suggested then it may be more beneficial to post a reply to the previously made suggestion. If your suggestion isn't covered in the below list, create a new thread for your suggestion and when it is addressed I will amend it to this list.

General Gameplay
Specific Gameplay/Mechanics
Content Ships Mini Games and Extra Gameplay AI/Bots UI/Interface
Crew Specifics Captain Science
Engineer Tactical
Pilot NOTE: The majority of the linked threads here have been responded to by a developer. If you believe a thread should be added that hasn't been, please mention so in a reply to this post. I will attempt to make updates to this thread once a week.

Last updated: Feb 01, 2018

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