General Suggestions (Story, Long-Term)

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General Suggestions (Story, Long-Term)

Post by MaverickVG » Sun Dec 31, 2017 5:38 pm

Keeping my crew engaged is difficult in this game, and I usually end up just letting them blind jump once an hour to appease them.
Here are the problems:
  • * Progression is pretty much nonexistent until a certain point, and after that point, the amount of credits you get is infinite.
    * A lack of direction needs (and I mean NEEDS) to be addressed. Having played the game many times, with many different crew structures and ships, it seems to me that no matter what you do, you will take a few of your quests, answer the distress signals, return and take the next set of quests and repeat. This is not fun. What needs to happen is more quests, a CENTRAL storyline (nothing like tomb raider, more like some sort of guidance to an end goal), and some kind of randomness to the questing system. Somewhere else in the forums, it was mentioned an idea where people would bid for your help, this might be a fun concept to play with.
    * Sprinting through a hallway to find a glowing person to tell you what to do is just so awful.
    * The captain can view sectors and enemy ships while in the chair, giving this ability to all players in the crew at the press of a hotkey would be really nice.
    * Since everyone can do every one of the roles even though they arent the role, there need to be some changes. Locking certain features for certain classes. Engineer should be the only one who can reload fuel, weapon should only be able to use main turret, science should be the only one able to research, captain with comms. In addition to this, dont make the talents into passives, make the pilot skills make him a better pilot, make science a better user of programs and scanning, make engineer better at his station. give them incentives to use their own roles.
    * There is only one way to play this game, and that is combat. There should be a way to transport cargo, and maybe transport illegal cargo as primary income.
Here I asked my crew to give feedback for their positions.
  • * Portable atomizer would be nice, with info as to what resources the science gives
    * Rewards for research being actually rewarding (some times you get nothing from stuff)
    * In combat, scientist cannot do anything that is actually meaningful (clicking isnt very fun and requires nearly no effort, scanning is only good to see what you want to extract)
    * only allow the scientist to use research terminal and atomizer
    * Hacking as a minigame could be cool, but thats really easy to screw up.
    * Another suggestion from our pilot was that when clicking the program, you determing a target, and a rough estimate as to the range to target. The closer your target is to your estimate, the better your chances to infect them. Some system like this could really help to fix the stupidity of the science roll in combat.
    * For "Shield Boost" and similar self targetted programs, set them up as more broad programs "Boost" and allow the scientist to use it on certain parts.
  • * When not in combat, this role is meaningless.
    * Combat is far too quick, and if it slowed down, teamwork would be easier.
    * Otherwise, guns need to have a larger angle to fire
    * Weapon Specialist has to spec into either main ship guns or boarding, and trying to do both is pointlessly bad.
    * Humanoid/robot ai's have horrible aim and terrible weapons. This makes free repairs and warps trivial, and boarding broken and easy
    * Difficulty slider
  • * Base thrusters make this class lame. With upgraded thrusters, the ship becomes entertaining to fly. I theorize that maybe the thrusters should default to being better to make gameplay just better overall.
    * There is no risk to crashing the ship. This is bad. Crashing into enemy ships is broken (does no damage to your ship and breaks enemy shields), crashing into rocks/ships/stations does not damage.
    * Indicators as to where the guns are and maybe flash when not in sight of any enemies
  • * The screens are boring and there is very little interaction. To fix this, add dialog to negotiation to where the captain actually chooses things to say to the other ship. This would really add a lot to the role.
    * Other than the fact that the captain is required to make actions, there is little motivation. Forced motivation is not the right way.
  • * Should have access to all ship system sliders. Without that, throttling different roles is really pointless, it is just flat loss of performance on certain stations.
    * Warp drive should not be in engineers control. This is the most pointless feature of this class. Give that to the pilot and allow the engineer to control each of the stages of power consumption of the warp drives. (Putting the science block in the engineer spot would solve this.)
    * Out of combat the engineer has nothing to do.
    * Giving the engineer a minigame to do some minor repairs on the hull would be a good addition to make fun out of combat.
    * Directional shields and some way to view the exterior of the ship could be a really great way to make engineer even more fun in combat.
This game is a lot of fun, and I hope you take the advice of your fans to heart. Thanks for reading!

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Re: General Suggestions (Story, Long-Term)

Post by Dickimedes » Tue Jan 02, 2018 4:27 pm

I just read this through fully and completely agree with alot/most/all of it! Not sure what changes I could suggest on top of those (I mainly play Engineer) the one where pilot controls warping and engineer having to manage each stage is brilliant. Gives more to both Pilot and Engineer and I feel would boost playability for both roles. One of the other things I find annoying as Engineer is Warp-skip. I appreciate it's an important feature but there's nothing worse than starting up warp, having to wait for it to charge and as soon as you press the warp button, the warp get skipped. Maybe take this out and put in small mini-game sort of things? Like Engineer performing reactor maintenance, pilot making course corrections, Captain overseeing or doing comms (Which he should have access to and not have to ask Science for all the time...) Science could have time to do viruses, research etc? I feel like Warp shouldn't be a 'sit and wait' or a skip.

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Re: General Suggestions (Story, Long-Term)

Post by Edinstein » Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:47 pm

We are most certainly going to be adding a central storyline—the Lost Colony—which will come along with its own set of missions, content, features and unique obstacles. We always intended this to be the main direction for players in PULSAR, but up until now, our focus has been fleshing out the ship systems and building more or less what you could call “side content”. We’re aware that there is a lack of progression with the missions, and we intend to address this in due time.

We would like to have a better way to locate NPCs where you can accept, progress and finish missions.

We can discuss with the team how talent points can be more critical. We’ve also considered adding more powerful class abilities, separate from talents, though we can’t make guarantees at this time.

The next update (Beta 17) should add to the Scientist class.

We’ve gotten some suggestions for adding more things to do outside of combat. We can’t make any promises, but we’ll discuss it amongst the team.

The speed of combat is something we’ve been tweaking for a long time. Sometimes it’s too slow, other times too fast. Ultimately, we’ll take a closer look at balance when the game is further towards completion.

As far as your other suggestions, we’ll keep them in mind! We can’t make any guarantees, but we appreciate the feedback.

Also Dickimedes, you and your crew certainly don’t have to skip warp if you don’t want to. It’s entirely optional. Warp is a great time to put out fires, repair systems, heal and prepare for the next sector (perhaps by cooking biscuits, if you’re playing Fluffy Biscuit). We can’t account for public games, but if you play with friends, it’s probably a preference worth bringing up.

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